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Trick or Treat Cat Toy

As low as $4.99
The Trick or Treat cat toy rewards your cat with her favorite treats as she tugs, swats, and plays. Once you've mounted the Trick or Treat cat toy to the ideal spot on your wall, fill its 6" plastic tube with your cat's favorite small treats, kibble, or catnip pellets . Your treat-loving feline will gleefully swat the jingly 1.5" ...
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Dog Games Tennis Slider Dog Toy

As low as $14.99
Combination tennis ball and treat puzzle keeps dogs mentally fit 4 treat chambers & 2 tennis ball chambers keep dogs occupied Includes 2 tennis balls to start off interactive fun for your dog 2-in-1 puzzle toy keeps your pup mentally fit and happily occupied. Dog Games Tennis Slider Dog Toy puts your dog's mental and physical agility to the test ...
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Doggie Tail Interactive Dog Toy

As low as $11.49
Motion-activated Doggie Tail dog toy ideal for any dog who enjoys chasing and batting toys Wacky dog toy wiggles and barks on its own, keeping your dog on his toes Battery-operated interactive dog toy perfectly blends exercise, entertainment, and intrigue Wacky, interactive fun for your dog! The motion-activated Doggie Tail dog toy wiggles and barks to keep your dog guessing ...
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Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll Dog Toy

As low as $11.99
Entertain your dog endlessly with Romp-N-Roll's fetching, carrying, tugging and throwing fun. You can even use Romp-N-Roll for interactive play or water fun because this toy floats. Romp-N-Roll is a flexible, non-deflating ball strung on a rope, and you can pull the rope back and forth through the ball. Knots on both ends make it easy for you to throw ...
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Disco Ball Bird Toy

As low as $1.99
Reflective shiny hanging bird toys distort your bird's reflection to add interest and entertainment Interactive bird toys help alleviate cage boredom Hanging bell adds audio stimulation Captivating reflective features of entertaining hanging bird toys delight and entertain. Mirrored Disco Ball has a fun multi-faceted, reflective quality designed to intrigue your bird and attached bell for ...
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Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

As low as $11.89
Egg-shaped toy randomly dispenses dog food kibble Make mealtime more fun with this challenging dog toy Rolling toy features rubber bumpers to protect household surfaces Will your dog work for food? This egg-shaped toy randomly dispenses kibble through two variably-sized holes, but your dog must roll the ball to get it to dispense the kibble. Mentally and physically stimulating toy ...
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Star Chaser Cat Toy

As low as $13.59
Stimulate your cat with lights, catnip, ball and scratching - all in one toy Replaceable scratch surface ensures toy lasts and lasts Helps stimulate your cat to play and exercise Illuminated cat toy thrills with lights, catnip, and the interactive play your cat craves. Your cat's pawing action sets the lighted ball in motion around the track. Corrugated center delivers ...
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Tetraflex Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

As low as $10.99
Kibble and treat dispenser turns mealtime into playtime Can help slow down pets that gobble kibble from a traditional pet bowl The ideal way to encourage play, which helps reduce anxiety and boredom Treat-dispensing Tetraflex dispenses a variety of treats or kibble for dog playtime bliss. Use it in place of a food bowl at mealtime to keep your dog ...
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