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Horse Oil Hair Care
8 results

Canter® Mane & Tail Conditioner by Carr & Day & Martin®

As low as $24.99
Helps promote sleekness, softness, and keep mane and tail tangle-free Oil-free formula reduces hair breakage Results last up to two weeks Easy-to-use, no-mess spray is ideal for promoting a luxuriously glossy mane and tail that remains tangle-free for up to 2 weeks. Mane & Tail Conditioner can be applied to wet or dry manes and tails. Long-lasting conditioner also reduces ...
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EquiFusion 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner by Farnam

As low as $13.99
Shampoo and condition in one step with this gentle, moisturizing formula High-sudsing cleansers clean deep down while conditioners soften the coat and add shine Biodegradable, phosphate-free, and pH balanced formula gentle enough for daily use Clean and moisturize hair in one easy step with EquiFusion 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. EquiFusion is specially formulated for performance horses, ...
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Keratolux® Medicated Shampoo

As low as $17.99
Keratolux Medicated Shampoo with spherulites removes scales, crusts, and excessive oil associated with your horse's skin disorders. Keratolux is especially effective for skin disorders involving conditions such as sicca (dry, scaly, dull skin and coat with white or gray scales present) or oleosa (oily skin and hair coat, yellow-brown clumps of fatty material, a rancid odor, or waxy, ...
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Horseshoer's Secret® Conditioner by Farnam

As low as $8.99
Whether your horse's hooves need moisture or need protection against wet and soggy conditions, Horseshoer's Secret has a product for you. Both products protect your horse's hooves and give them a show-quality shine. Conditioner absorbs quickly to condition dry hooves and prevent cracks, splits and contracted heels. Exclusive pine tar-free moisturizing formula with avocado oil deep conditions ...
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Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo for Horses

As low as $6.99
All-natural horse shampoo contains tea tree oil, Vitamin E, and more Convenient spray-on formula easily cleans your horse from tail to head Cleans deep to remove dirt and grass stains and moisturize the coat Quickly clean your horse without fuss or mess. All-natural waterless equine shampoo bathes your horse without scrubbing or rinsing. Deep-clean, spray-on formula contains tea tree oil, ...
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White 'N Brite Shampoo by Farnam

As low as $14.99
Equine shampoo brightens white and light-colored horse coats Deep-cleaning formula helps remove yellow grass and manure stains Concentrated solution cleans and rinses in hot or cold water Clean and brighten white or light-colored horse coats. Specially formulated equine shampoo contains a gentle blend of coconut oil and optical brighteners. Rich lather cleans deep to bring out coat brilliance ...
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Fungasol® Shampoo & Spray

As low as $9.99
Bathe or spray your horse with a great-smelling topical preparation that contains an antiseptic and other ingredients to address skin conditions in horses. Helps treat conditions such as rain rot, ringworm, dry, flaky skin, wound bacteria, girth itch, dew poisoning, pastern dermatitis (scratches/greasy heel) or pythiosis. Contains soothing Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil) and other ...
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Carr & Day & Martin® Belvoir Tack Cleaner and Tack Conditioner

As low as $16.99
Use these two simple steps to effectively clean and condition your leather and synthetic tack without soaking or scrubbing. Removes grease, dirt, and sweat, and protects, softens, and preserves your tack. Each is about 500 ml or about 17 ounces. Belvoir Cleaner is the first step to cleaning your tack. It deep cleans with a blend of cleaning agents to ...
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