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Hikari Floating Pet Food

Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets

As low as $14.99
Premium pellet diet for ornamental or fancy goldfish Specially formulated for exceptional goldfish nutrition Contain stabilized Vitamin C to promote goldfish health Offer Hikari premium pellet diet for your prized ornamental goldfish. These specially formulated pellets provide outstanding daily nutrition and encourage healthy growth and color development. Nutritious pellets contain vitamins ...
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Hikari Cichlid Excel

As low as $9.79
Natural color-enhancing daily diet great for all types of cichlidsEasy-to-digest pellets made with wheat-germ, spirulina and more Nutritious formula also great for herbivorous (plant eating) fish Specially formulated for herbivorous fish. These floating pellets combine wheat germ and spirulina for protein, plus vitamins and minerals to provide a diet that is high in nutrition, easily ...
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Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

As low as $19.29
Floating Food Sticks for large carnivorous fish Nutritionally balanced alternative to live food items High quality carotenoids promote brilliant colors Scientific daily diet for all carnivorous aquarium fish. Nutritionally complete Food Sticks are developed as a smart alternative to live foods. Specially formulated to help prevent nutritional deficiencies commonly associated with a diet ...
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Hikari First Bites

As low as $1.79
Hikari First Bites provide complete and balance nutrition for the all important development stage of your fry's life. Hikari First Bites promote proper feeding habits, long-term health, and superior disease resistance, allowing your fry to grow rapidly without fear of dietary deficiencies. Semi-floating to allow fry to eat at all levels of the aquarium. Please click on "More Information" for ...
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Hikari Jumbo CarniSticks

As low as $37.29
Deliver irresistible nutrition where surface-feeding aquarium carnivores eat. Hikari Jumbo CarniStick is the perfect choice for large, "monster" aquarium fish such as Arowana. Unique floating stick diet softens quickly to take on a meaty consistency similar to live foods. This smart, live food alternative supports rapid growth, proper form and vibrant coloration in carnivorous aquarium fish. ...
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Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold+

As low as $41.29
Ensures the highest amount of carotenoid is absorbed by your cichlids Enhances sheen and luster, and promotes balanced growth Floating pellets won't cloud the water Expect vivid coloration, not possible with other diets, as a direct result of the high levels of pure cultured spirulina and highly purified astaxanthin in Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold+. The addition of beneficial microorganisms ...
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Hikari Micro Pellets

As low as $72.79
Nutritious micro-encapsulated pellet food for tropical aquarium fish Excellent food choice for small tropical fish like tetras and barbs Semi-floating pellets ideal for fish that feed at the surface or mid-water Quality pellet food specially developed for small-mouth tropical fishes. Highly digestible, multi-colored Micro Pellets are formulated to provide small tropical fish such as tetras ...
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Hikari Economy Staple Koi Food

As low as $33.49
Offer quality daily nutrition to your koi without breaking your budget. Hikari Economy Staple Koi Food is your answer for savings without sacrificing balanced nutrition. World-renowned Hikari brand offers a sensible choice for maintaining healthy koi with brilliant color and luster. This excellent daily diet contains fish meal, silkworm pupa meal, dried seaweed meal, alfalfa nutrient ...
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Hikari Excel Koi Food

As low as $144.99
Put the world's best color-enhancing diet for koi to the test! Hikari Excel Koi Food is a premium color-enhancing diet made with easily digestible and highly nutritious wheat germ and pure cultured spirulina designed to produce ideal coloration of koi. Unique mix of ingredients promote rapid color enhancement while developing glossy appearance and luster to the skin. Enjoy superior koi ...
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Hikari Staple Koi Food

As low as $28.99
Floating staple diet for koi and other ornamental pond fish Fortified with stabilized Vitamin C for improved health Provides koi with excellent nutrition day after day A harmoniously balanced combination of the highest quality ingredients available for keeping healthy koi. Easily consumed and won't cloud the water. Protein 35%, fat 3%, and fiber 5%. 60°F+
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Hikari Gold Koi Diets

As low as $12.99
Fortified color-enhancing food brings out vibrant color in koi, goldfish, and other pond fish. Contains high levels of the natural color enhancer carotene plus vitamins and minerals, including stabilized Vitamin C, to promote fish resistance to stress and infectious diseases. Nutritious floating Hikari Gold pellets is excellent for daily feedings and proven reliable by Koi specialists for ...
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