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Heritage Farms Feeder
5 results

Squirrel's Delight 2 Feeder

As low as $19.99
Keep squirrels away from bird feeders with their own diner Fill with peanuts, corn or large seeds - squirrels lift lid and help themselves Squirrel feeder boasts versatile mounting, clear seed view, and durable powder-coat metal construction A steel easy-care feeder squirrels can call their own. Fill with peanuts, corn, and other large seeds to keep squirrels delightfully occupied. Squirrels ...
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Snack Shack Squirrel Resistant Feeder

As low as $34.99
Snack Shack Squirrel Resistant Feeder features spring-loaded perches that close off the seed ports to unwanted visitors. This squirrel-proof hopper lets you set the springs to the tension level you desire - less tension closes them with less weight, to keep off larger birds and squirrels. Increase the tension, and some of the larger birds can dine, but still no ...
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Mini Absolute II Squirrel-Proof Feeder

As low as $29.69
Mini Absolute bird feeder packs same big features as our Original Absolute Feeder! Two adjustable weight-activated ports stop squirrels All-metal construction creates a fortress against thieves Same big features as our Original Absolute Feeder, but with a NEW compact size! Weight-sensitive perches with adjustable settings keep out squirrels and large, unwanted birds. The double-sided, bright ...
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Chalet Deluxe Hopper Feeder

As low as $24.99
Hopper feeder's architectural styling features securely locking top to prevent squirrel access. Also features seed-saver baffle for less mess and refilling, heavy-duty hook for hanging, and pre-drilled mounting holes for pole or post mounting (pole kit not included). Weather- and chew-resistant, durable, powder-coated steel. Easy to fill and clean. Holds 2-2/3 quarts (approximately 4 lbs) of ...
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Original Absolute Feeder

As low as $59.99
Durable, squirrel-proof wild bird feeder with weight sensitive perch lets you attract birds of your choice Powder-coated steel feeder resists squirrel and weather damage Mounting pole and metal hanger give you versatile installation Heritage Farms Original Absolute Feeder keeps out squirrels and larger, unwanted birds. Weight sensitive perch with adjustable weight settings allows you to ...
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