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Healthy Dog Chew
5 results

Healthy Edibles Natural Dog Chews

As low as $2.99
Delicious chicken, duck, and veggie flavored dog bones --> Hard, bone-shaped dog treat helps scrape teeth clean No plastic, added salt, sugar, or artificial colors Vitamins A & E provide a source of antioxidant nutrients Gourmet health chews are tasty, completely edible and highly digestible. Supplies a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional rawhide. Hard, bone-shaped chews are made ...
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Pet Pack Rawhide Dog Chews

As low as $12.99
Perfect for small dogs & puppies Assist teeth cleaning and gum massage Premium beef hide treats Rawhide chews sized especially for the chewing needs of puppies and small dogs. Premium beef hide satisfies cravings and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Natural Puppy Rawhide comes in natural flavor and are bone shaped. 8-ounce package contains approximately 7 bones per package. Puppy ...
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Large Cow Ears Dog Chews

As low as $6.99
Cow ears make a great tasting dog chew that's low in fatChewing action helps clean teeth to support dental health Long-lasting chewing satisfaction for medium to large dogs More than hide, these dog chews also contain cartilage and connective tissue for added flavor and texture variety. Larger size provides longer chewing satisfaction for your pets. Cow ears help clean your ...
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Dingo Chip Mix Rawhide Dog Chews

As low as $10.99
Rawhide chews infused with a flavorful blast of chicken or chicken/sweet potato More appealing to dogs than rawhide alone Chewy, irregular texture motivates chewing for healthy teeth and gums Dogs that enjoy rawhide get an extra surprise with Dingo Chip Mixes. These rawhide chews include a boost of flavor from additional ingredients that makes them more appealing than rawhide alone. ...
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Pork Rose Dog Chews

As low as $12.89
100%-natural, baked pork chews boast amazing flavor and a dense texture dogs adore Pork Rose Dog Chews are a superb natural source of protein and joint-supporting chondroitin High-protein, low-fat chews help clean teeth and freshen breath for dogs of all ages & sizes 100%-natural Pork Rose Dog Chews bloom with flavor and feature a dense texture dogs simply adore! Pork ...
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