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Fluval Chi Aquarium Replacement Media

As low as $3.99
Fluval brand replacement media for the Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit Foam and filter pads provide mechanical & chemical filtration for clean, clear aquariums Optimize aquarium water quality with regular media maintenance Regular replacement of the Fluval Filter Media Kit ensures optimal water quality for a clean, clear environment for aquarium fish. Foam Pad provides mechanical filtration to trap ...
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Waste Control Organic Waste Eliminator

As low as $7.99
Biological aquarium cleaner for fresh and saltwater aquariums Rapidly digests organic waste to help reduce aquarium maintenance Great biological additive for goldfish, cichlids and heavily populated aquariums Decrease aquarium maintenance by naturally reducing organic waste. Waste Control Organic Waste Eliminator rapidly digests organic waste for a cleaner, healthier aquarium in just a few ...
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Cycle Biological Water Conditioner

As low as $9.99
Concentrated bacterial additive boosts the nitrogen cycle Establishes new aquariums and supplements biological filtration Maintains healthy aquarium environment Concentrated bacterial formulation rapidly matures new aquariums. Carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria, including Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter, actively reduce both ammonia and nitrite to prevent fish loss. Also enhances ...
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Fluval C Series Replacement Media Foam Pad and Poly/Foam Pad

As low as $4.49
Mechanical filter pads for Fluval C Series multi-stage filters Filter pads trap unsightly debris for aquarium water clarity Effectively traps coarse and fine aquarium debris and particles Keep your Fluval C Series multi-stage filter at peak performance with regular media replacement. Effective mechanical filtration is essential for efficient chemical and biological filtration. Highly-porous ...
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Fluval Ammonia Remover

As low as $13.99
Ammonia remover eliminates toxic ammonia in your home aquariumHelps remove stress on fishIdeal for new or heavily populated aquariums This unique ion exchange material rids freshwater aquariums of poisonous ammonia. Use enough to fill the module. Each 180 gram bag will treat approximately 15 gallons of water. Rinse thoroughly before use. Change or recharge bi-weekly be soaking in a strong ...
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AquaClear Media Bags

As low as $2.79
Nylon aquarium filter media bags for Hagen AquaClear Power Filters Place bulk chemical media in filter bag for custom aquarium filtration Holds small-grained aquarium filter media without preventing water flow Customize your Hagen AquaClear Power Filters to meet your aquarium filtration needs. The AquaClear Media Bags simplifies the use of custom chemical filter media. Fine mesh bag great for ...
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AquaClear Media

As low as $8.59
Quality aquarium filter media for Hagen AquaClear Power Filters Replace media to optimize aquarium filter performance and water quality Brand name filter media ensure proper fit with AquaClear Power Filters AquaClear's unique CycleGuard protection is achieved by combining multiple inserts with the largest media volume available (over 6X greater than any comparable cartridge). Alternate ...
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Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps

As low as $175.99
Significant technological and design innovations improve pump performance with greater energy efficiency. The reliable Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps operate on less wattage than the prior models without compromising flow rate. Max-Flo Models 1350 and higher are fitted with Smart Pump Technology. This internal, self-regulating system tracks power consumption, hydraulics and impeller ...
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Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps

As low as $209.99
New generation Smart Pump Technology boosts energy-efficient performance of these 2-in-1 fountain pond pumps. Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps improved with significant technological and design innovations do more with less energy. Innovative pumps use less electricity than the prior models but maintain powerful output for reliable, continuous operation. Laguna Powerjet Fountain & ...
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