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Grooming Nail Care

Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

As low as $4.99
Instantly stops bleeding Convenient for avian first aid kits Easy to apply Instantly stops bleeding from clipping nails or feathers too short. Contains benzocaine for pain relief. Also works on other minor cuts. Apply directly to affected area using constant pressure for five to ten seconds. Kwik Stop Gel Directions : Apply with cotton applicator or directly to the cut, ...
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Grooming Tools for Birds

As low as $8.99
Nail care made safe and easyBuilt to last from high quality forged steel Prevent injuries to your bird and family members with proper nail trimming. These grooming tools will make this task as easy as trimming your own nails. Available in sizes to fit any bird! The unique design of the White's Trimmer helps prevent nail splitting. Try Kwik Stop ...
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CutStop® Styptic Pads

As low as $7.99
Control minor bleeding with easy-to-use styptic pads for pets Apply presoaked pad onto minor cuts for convenient pet care Keep pet grooming and nail trimming safe and comfortable Presoaked styptic pads add extra peace-of-mind during pet grooming sessions. CutStop Styptic Pads is a must-have product for anyone who grooms or trims their pet's nails. Ready-to-use pads for cats, dogs, and ...
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Oster Nail Grinder Kit

As low as $44.99
Save yourself time trimming your bird's nailsAutomatically cauterizes at higher speedsDesigned to help avoid the quick Trim your bird's nails safely and quickly with this lightweight grinder. Ergonomic finger grips give you excellent control. Variable speed. 12-1/2 ft cord length. Measures 8" long x 1.5" diameter. Kit Includes Nail grinder (2) 60 grit grooming bands (2) 100 grit grooming ...
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Safety Perch

As low as $14.99
Unlike conventional straight perches, these nature-inspired Pedicure Perches trim nails and beak, stimulate leg muscles, and promote healthy feet. Dual texture design pedicures and massages. Easily installed and removed for fast cleaning with soap and water. For use in addition to standard perches. Made of concrete. Mounting hardware included. Assorted colors. Colorfast; will not bleed or ...
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Beach Walk Perch

As low as $9.99
Made from 100% natural, digestible ground calcium and bits of seashell, these perches supply an excellent source of the mineral calcium. Textured surface manicures nails and beak, and variations in diameter exercise the muscles and prevent cramping. These perches are a healthy and functional addition to your bird's cage perches. Choose from 5 sizes for one that's right for your ...
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Soft Claws Nail Caps CLS

As low as $12.99
Soft Claws prevent damage from scratching activities of cats and kittens New & improved design features cleat lock system for better grip on nail Simple alternative to cat declawing for conscientious renters Prevent damage from scratching! New and improved Soft Claws CLS are an ideal solution when cat scratching is a problem in your home. They're also a preferred alternative ...
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