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Glo Bulb
5 results

Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb

As low as $16.99
Enhance natural reptile vision and behaviors with high definition lighting. Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb sheds new light on reptile care with light specifically designed to improve reptile perception and overall health. Reptiles experience and perceive colors more naturally thanks to wavelength peaks important to reptile vision- including those within the UV spectrum. Stimulates appetite and ...
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Exo Terra Natural Light Ion Deodorizing Bulb

As low as $11.99
Compact fluorescent reptile bulb with built-in negative ion generator Emits negative ions to reduce odors and purify air in reptile terrariums Provide general lighting while creating a healthy herptile environment Improve reptile habitats with visually appealing light AND air purifying negative ions. Exo Terra Natural Light Ion Deodorizing Bulb employs innovative new technology to create a ...
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Fluval Power-GLO T-5 Bulb

As low as $14.99
Powerful, 18,000°K T-5 HO lamp for fresh or saltwater aquariums Energy-efficient solution for aquariums with high lighting needs Bright T-5 lamp stimulates photosynthetic aquarium inhabitants Powerful, high output T-5 bulbs emit a brilliant 18,000°K light. Energy-efficient Fluval Power-GLO T-5 HO bulbs are ideal for freshwater African Cichlid aquariums and most marine aquariums. Super bright ...
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Fluval Marine-GLO T-5 HO Bulb

As low as $12.99
Powerful actinic blue T-5 fluorescent bulbs ideal for marine aquariums. Fluval Marine-Glo T-5 HO bulbs emit light with strong peaks in the actinic blue spectrum, making them perfect for saltwater aquariums housing photosynthetic corals, invertebrates, and other marine life. Visible blue spectrum light also accentuates blue coloration in marine fish and corals. Use T-5 tubes with compatible ...
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Fluval Life-GLO T-5 HO Bulb

As low as $13.99
Energy-efficient 6,700 degreeK T-5 bulbs closely simulate natural, midday sun. Premium full spectrum aquarium bulbs feature a tri-phosphor formulation for balanced high light output performance. Hagen Fluval Life-GLO fluorescent T-5 bulbs boast accurate color rendering for a natural looking aquarium that's appealing to the human eye. Intense, powerful illumination effectively penetrates even ...
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