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Dr. Kathy Morris-Stilwell
Morris Hospital for Veterinary Services
Redford, MI

Chosen from over 200 nominations, Dr. Kathy Morris-Stilwell from Morris Hospital for Veterinary Services has been selected by our veterinary service staff to receive a $1,000 Drs. Foster and Smith Gift Certificate and an engraved plaque honoring her achievement. Drs. Foster and Smith will also donate $500 in the winning veterinarian's name to the research foundation of her choice.

Dr. Kathy not only provides important care to animals at her veterinary practice on a daily basis, she also volunteers her participation in the megaesophagus online support group, putting her medical knowledge together with what she learns there to help guide pet
owners through the management of their pet's disorder.

Megaesophagus is a rare disorder that a veterinarian may only see three times an entire career, yet Dr. Kathy has used the internet to connect thousands of concerned pet owners and medical experts with the advice they need to make the most informed health care decisions. Through her efforts, many animals who might have been euthanized are now living happy, longer lives with this condition.

Drs. Foster and Smith applaud Dr. Kathy, and all the veterinarians nominated, for their amazing contributions to pet owner's lives every day.

Dr. Kathy's Links

Morris Hospital for Veterinary Services

Yahoo Support Groups for Megaesophagus
Group support for owners of dogs that have, had, or may have Megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is an uncommon disease of unknown cause, genetic in young dogs, in which the esophagus loses muscle tone, causing regurgitation.


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