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Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies
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Drs. Foster & Smith Foods

Dr. Marty Smith Q. What made you decide to develop your own line of food?

Dr. Smith: There are a lot of pet foods on the market. Some are good, some are bad. There are very few truly Healthy foods, though, and most that are available have limited distribution, making it difficult for people to get a healthy food for their pet.

Dr. Foster: We knew we could produce an excellent food that the majority of pets would benefit from. There is no "one food" that is right for every pet since each pet is unique, but we believe that the formulas we developed and the ingredients we selected are the best available for the greatest number of pets.

Q. What makes your food different?

Dr. Smith: Perhaps the biggest thing that makes our food different from most is that we decided to make every ingredient as nutritionally beneficial as possible. Many foods contain a number of very good ingredients, but then also include some "filler" ingredients with lower nutritional value to keep their costs down. Not ours. We formulated our food to make every ingredient count. And we chose the exact percentages of each ingredient that we felt would offer the best nutritional value for pets.

For example, some food manufacturers load up on low-quality protein because a lot of uninformed pet owners think that the more protein a food has, the better it is. This is not true. In some cases, a high level of protein may actually harm the pet. Protein at the right level for the lifestage of the pet is what matters, as well as the digestibility of the protein used. We formulated our foods for the dogs and cats that will be eating it - not for the pet owners who will be buying it. People who know pet food and know how to really read a pet food label to determine a food's quality will know how truly healthy our food is.

Q. What was your involvement in the overall process?

Dr. Race Foster Dr. Foster: We have very high standards for any product that carries our name, and that was especially true in the development of our foods. When you're as particular as we are, you tend to get very involved to make sure every step in the process meets your expectations.

As a result, we were intimately involved in the formulation of every food - selecting each ingredient and specifying the proper amount of each. In fact, our veterinarians carefully formulated each individual food. We explored manufacturing facilities nationwide and chose the one we felt would be most capable to produce the formulas we developed. And we set very high quality control measures to ensure every batch consistently met our expectations.

Dr. Smith: Some of the suppliers in the process seemed a little surprised at times at the level of some of the decisions we were involved in, but that's just the way we are. We wanted to make an extremely high quality food, and did what we felt we had to do to get the exact product we wanted for our customers.

Q. Why now? After 20 years in business?

Dr. Foster: Well, we've been working on this project for a number of years - researching, evaluating formulas, considering ingredients, etc. But only recently have we felt that the awareness of the benefits of feeding a Healthy food had reached critical mass.

Dr. Smith: Pet owners are more informed now than ever before about their pet's health - and their own health, for that matter. They want their pet to be healthy and have a higher quality of life, and they are now understanding that nutrition - what they feed their pet - is probably the single most important thing they can do to ensure their pet has the best chance for optimum overall health.

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