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One indication of a reliable pet pharmacy is proper licensure. For your convenience and peace of mind, we have compiled a list of our non-resident pharmacy license numbers.

We are located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and our Wisconsin Pharmacy license number is 9291-42. Verification of Wisconsin licensure may be obtained by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing (phone: 1-608-266-2112, or on the web at For verification of other state license information, please check with the appropriate state licensing board.

State License number
Alabama 112264
Alaska 483
Arizona 3794
Arkansas OS01601
California NRP 1604
Colorado 5411
Connecticut 531
Delaware A9-0000476
District of Columbia Non-resident pharmacy license is not required
Florida PH 19311
Georgia Non-resident pharmacy license is not required
Hawaii PMP 311
Idaho 3779MS
Illinois 032-007944
Indiana 64000485A
Iowa 3485
Kansas 22-44711
Kentucky W1 1890
Louisiana 5090
Maine MO40000492
Maryland P03109
Massachusetts Non-resident pharmacy license is not required
Michigan 5301010635
Minnesota 262292-3
Mississippi 05871/07.1
Missouri 201500301
Montana 28461
Nebraska 439
Nevada PH01990
New Hampshire NR0168
New Jersey 28RO00011600
New Mexico PH00002550
New York 033379
North Carolina 08276
North Dakota 1123
Ohio NRP.022484250-03
Oklahoma 99-713
Oregon RP-0002080-CS
Pennsylvania Non-resident pharmacy license is not required
Rhode Island PHN09480
South Carolina 60006927
South Dakota 400-1384
Tennessee 0000004056
Texas 22754
Utah 9273494-1708
Vermont 036.0000352
Virginia 0214000726
Washington FO.60531279
West Virginia MO0560768
Wyoming NR-50950


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