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Auto Delivery
  • Schedule your food, supplements & seed deliveries
  • Create your list: Different items, quantities, & schedules
  • Every 10th shipment is on us!
Put foods, seeds, and supplements that you frequently reorder on your Auto Delivery list, and we'll ship them when you need them. PLUS, every 10th shipment of an item on your Auto Delivery list is on us! Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for more details.

Look for the Auto Delivery logo in your favorite pet categories:
Dog Foods,
Supplements & MORE»

Cat Foods,
Supplements, Litter & MORE»
Bird Diets & Treats »
Fish Foods, Filter Media, Salt & More »

Pond Fish Food, Filter Media & More
Pond Fish Food, Filter Media & More »
Small Pet Diets, Treats, Litter
& More »
Ferret Diets, Treats & Supplements »
Wild Bird Seed, Suet, Seed Cakes & More
Wild Bird Seed, Suet, Seed Cakes & More »
Reptile Food, Lighting, Vitamins & More
Reptile Food, Lighting, Vitamins & More »

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Auto Delivery Program work?
Sign up online with qualifying products or call 1-800-381-7179 to tell our customer service agents what item(s) you'd like to put on your Auto Delivery list. You may choose to reorder multiple quantities of each item at a time. Each item on your Auto Delivery list may be scheduled at different reorder frequencies. Reorder occurrences will be tallied by item toward a 10th FREE shipment.

How does the 10th shipment free promotion work?
Every 10th shipment is FREE! After every nine scheduled shipment cycles for an item on your Auto Delivery list, the 10th shipment is FREE. For example, if you've signed up to reorder 2 bags of 15 lb Dog Food once a month, you'll get those 2 bags in your 10th shipment FREE!

What products are eligible for Auto Delivery Service? Look for the Auto Delivery Logo on qualifying product pages:

  • All Drs. Foster & Smith Dog Foods, Select Vitamins & Supplements
  • All Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Foods, Select Supplements & Litter
  • Select National Brand Dog & Cat Foods
  • Bird Diets, Treats & Specified Maintenance Products
  • Fish Food, Filter Media, Salt & More
  • Pond Fish Food, Filter Media & More
  • Small Pet Diets, Treats & Select Litter
  • Reptile Diets
  • Wild Bird Seeds
  • Plus many more! We are continuously adding new items!

How do I change a scheduled shipment?
Call 1-800-381-7179 to postpone scheduled shipments, change your frequency, and update the quantity of any items in your account. You may make modifications up to 5 days prior to your next scheduled shipment.

How will my items be shipped?
All items will be shipped via Economy Ground Service. If you have multiple ship-to addresses on file, items shipped to different addresses - even on the same day - will be billed separately.

If two or more list items scheduled at different frequencies coincide to ship on the same date, those separate orders will be combined in the same package. However, the 10th shipment FREE promo will only apply to qualifying items in that package.

How am I billed?
Your items will be billed to your account on the date they ship. Current prices apply. To avoid any delays to your scheduled shipments, your credit card information is required on file. If your credit card is declined during any Auto Delivery Service billing cycle, your current order will be cancelled and you will be contacted so you may provide an alternate credit card number to ensure delivery of your next scheduled shipment.

What if my item is on backorder?
From time to time, popular items may become temporarily unavailable. If this is the case when your product is scheduled to ship, we'll notify you of the backorder via email.

Please note: Auto Delivery orders do not qualify for Paypal® or Gift Certificate payment options.



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