Dog Supplies: Doctors' Choice Products for Senior Pets
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Doctors' Choice Products for Senior Pets

Joint Care™ Plus with MSM - Dr. Marty Smith
Joint Care Plus MSM "Of the many products available for senior pets, I think my favorite has to be Joint Care Plus. We have received hundreds of letters from customers about how Joint Care Plus 'changed the life' of their older, arthritic pet.

"I have a particular soft spot for older pets who have been our loyal friends for so many years. Joint Care Plus has helped improve the quality of life for so many older, arthritic pets that it is not only my favorite product for senior pets, but it may be my personal favorite of all the thousands of products we offer."
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Quilted Super Deluxe Bed - Dr. Race Foster
Quilted Super Deluxe Bed "I've always felt that our older companions deserve as much comfort as we can provide them in their final years. In my opinion, no other dog bed made is better for older pets than the Quilted Super Deluxe Bed.

"It offers the therapeutic support older pets need; it reduces the stiffness most senior pets feel in their bones, muscles, and joints; and you can tell by how peacefully these dogs sleep on this bed that it is the most comfortable thing they've ever laid their head on besides your lap."
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Telescoping Pet Ramp - Dr. Holly Frisby
Telescoping Pet Ramp "My dog, Kip, goes with me everywhere, but she's getting older. After all these years together, what will I do if she has difficulty jumping in my vehicle? I'll get a Telescoping Pet Ramp. The Ramp will help her get in and out of a vehicle safely, and comfortably. And owners also benefit from the Ramp. I've seen too many owners struggle to lift their dog into their vehicle. They can injure themselves doing this, and may cause the dog more pain if he is not lifted correctly. With the Telescoping Pet Ramp, both the dog and the owner can be safe, comfortable, and together - a win-win situation."
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Vita-Min Tabs Senior - Dr. Kathy Hillestad
Vita-MinTabs Senior "As dogs age, it is especially important to make sure that they get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Vita-min Tabs Senior can help.

"Senior dogs may not digest their food as well as younger dogs do, and a vitamin and mineral supplement can help to make sure that they get the nutrition they need. Vita-min Tabs Senior has a balance of vitamins and minerals, to promote good digestion and maintain a healthy hair coat. It also contains extra antioxidants, which are important for a healthy immune system. Vita-min Tabs Senior can help to provide the special care our older pets deserve."
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Elevated Feeders - Dr. Jennifer Prince
Elevated Feeders "Older dogs are some of the most common visitors to the veterinary clinic. As they age their joints become stiffer and their activity level decreases. Something that I recommend to many of my clients that have an older dog is the elevated feeder. The higher feeding platform will reduce the strain on the dog's neck and will increase the ease of swallowing. I usually recommend that the feeder be placed in a location that won't require the dog to go up or down any stairs. Anything that we can do to reduce joint strain will make the older dog more comfortable and will be greatly appreciated by your loyal friend."


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