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Customer Comments About Our Food

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Senior Dog Food

My dog Tosha...has been on Drs. Foster & Smith foods for a couple months now. Tosha was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease. She had been on a prescription food for a couple years because it was the only thing her stomach would tolerate. Since I switched her to the Senior Formula Dog Food, I have found her personality and state of mind to be much better. She loves the food! I am a firm believer that wholesome food without artificial preservatives and added wholly better for the well-being of living creatures. Your food has proven this for my Tosha. You have helped me to give her a better quality of life in the time she has left. Thank you so much!
Sally Nye
Allegany, NY

I've had my two large dogs (aged 6 and 9) on Drs. Foster & Smith senior formula for almost 6 months now. They are both doing great on it, and love the taste. The biggest improvement has been their digestive tract health. I have noticed they are much less "gassy," which is a HUGE benefit! Thank you, Drs. Foster and Smith!
Jennifer Moore
Gleason, WI

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Adult Dog Food - Chicken & Brown Rice

In the past, my dog Fred would only eat his food if I added real chicken and rice to it. I knew there had to be a better way than all the trouble I was going through. I ordered Drs. Foster & Smith Chicken & Brown Rice Formula adult dry dog food and Fred gobbled it down. As recommended, I mixed the new food with the old to "break him in" slowly, but Fred ate around the old and ate only the new Drs. Foster & Smith food. I am so pleased! Now Fred gobbles down his food and I don't have to add anything to it. Now I have time to pamper my family instead of Fred.
Nancy McNeil
Mesa, AZ

My Pit Bull/Red Heeler has been eating Drs. Foster & Smith food for about two months now and I can already notice a BIG difference in her coat. It has become very shiny, soft and thick. She possesses big muscles from her Pit Bull dad and tons of energy from her Red Heeler mom and this food feeds both her muscles and energy. She has become cut and lean and her energy is incredible. She is just a really healthy dog. The best part is that she really enjoys this food.
Dan Sanchez
Albuquerque, NM

I have tried at least 10 types of food to find a quality food that my dog would eat. I was about to give up and stick with the grocery store brand. I decided to try the Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Formula. My dog loves the food and it meets all the criteria I was looking for. The food is quality food with no by-products and the pieces are a perfect size. Thanks at last!
Lynlee Schreiber
Saline, MI

My mixed-breed dog, Dodge, had been living on prescription food for some time now since he developed an intolerance to the commercial food found in stores. I felt uneasy having him on the prescription food for so long and decided to try Drs. Foster & Smith Chicken & Brown Rice Formula. Dodge loves it! And better yet, he has had NO ADVERSE REACTIONS TO IT!!! I am so pleased he is eating something wholesome as well as a brand I know I can trust! And...I have noticed his coat is so soft and clean! I don't think I will need to give him baths throughout the summer now, because he no longer has that "odor" he tends to get when the weather turns warm! Thank you for another quality product!
Sally Nye
Allegany, NY

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Adult Dog Food - Lamb & Brown Rice

My dog Scooter has always scratched and licked at his feet so I thought he had allergies. I had heard that lamb and rice diets were good for dogs with allergies, so thought I'd give your food a try. After just a few weeks feeding your Lamb & Brown Rice food, I can tell that he is scratching a lot less and is more comfortable. He just loves the food, and I just love seeing him in good health! Thanks Drs. Foster & Smith!
Linda Caponigro
Onalaska, WI

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Puppy Food - Chicken & Brown Rice

Our two sheltie pups - Bert and Ernie - absolutely LOVE this food! We had been feeding another brand, but neither of the dogs seemed very enthusiastic about it, and didn't always finish their food. We'd heard about Drs. Foster & Smith foods, and decided to give the puppy food a try. After a few days mixing the food in with their other food, Bert and Ernie became very interested in dinner time. Now that they're eating Drs. Foster & Smith puppy food exclusively, they don't even let my wife set their bowls down before they start eating. I've purchased two bags to be sure we don't run out of our pups' favorite food!
John Wolff
La Crosse, WI

Drs. Foster & Smith Canned Dog Food - Chicken & Brown Rice

I adopted Millie, my mixed-breed dog, from the local shelter. She was 9 when I got her and her previous owner had not taken good care of her teeth. To make a long story short, Millie's had several teeth extracted, and her veterinarian recommended that I feed canned food. I've been a Drs. Foster & Smith customer for years, and I knew immediately that I wanted to try your new canned foods. Millie has been eating the canned Chicken & Brown Rice formula for nearly 4 months now, and she loves it so much that she won't eat anything else. I've also found that her coat is shinier, her eyes brighter, and she seems to have more energy.
Sherry Cavaiuolo
Chicago, IL

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Cat Food - Chicken & Brown Rice

My cats are wild about this food. When it's time for dinner, all I have to do is rattle the bag. Mitzi, Simba, China, and Hef come barreling into the kitchen from wherever they've been hiding. Since feeding them your food, they seem to have energy to spare and their coats are just beautiful. Thanks for creating an affordable food my cats just can't resist.
Monica Smith
Elcho, WI

Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Cat Food - Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Lite

My three indoor, ex-feral cats are pretty suspicious of new things. When something is advertised as "specially formulated to be irresistible to cats," previous experience has shown that they won't eat it. When offered a bowl of Drs. Foster & Smith (lite cat food) they actually chose to eat it - not just a taste, but a nice snack.

My cats have three very different outlooks, so I was surprised by their uniform preference and the fact that they just started eating... I'm hoping for weight loss and increased activity in two out of my three cats, and I will be ordering more Foster & Smith lite cat food... It is nice to see that a very healthy "diet" food is pleasant for them to eat.
Judith Schiebout
Baton Rouge, LA

Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Kitten Food - Chicken & Brown Rice Formula

My husband and I have had cats in the family for years. When you introduced your cat foods, I switched my two cats to your dry Chicken & Brown Rice formula. They've done great on the food, and really seem to love it. We recently decided to add a kitten to our feline family, and I knew right away I wanted to feed your kitten food. Our little "Sparky" literally dives right into his bowl at feeding time. Thanks so much for creating foods that fit our cats' ages and nutritional needs.
Tori Latimer
Des Moines, IA

Drs. Foster & Smith Canned Adult Cat Foods

My cat Buzzy is the pickiest eater. It seems I'm always trying new foods to entice her to eat more. It wasn't until you came out with your canned foods that she really took a liking to a brand. She literally runs into the kitchen when she hears me opening her dinner. Buzzy and I thank you!
Yolanda Schuyler
Lexington, KY

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