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Garden LED Outdoor Decor
7 results

Laguna SkimAway Pond Skimmer Filter Fountain

As low as $4.99
Decorative compact skimmer filter for ponds under 500 gallons Pond filter produces a beautiful geyser-style water fountain Enhance pond water quality and design with contemporary style Multi-tasking skimmer filter enhances pond aesthetics while delivering clear and healthy pond water. Laguna SkimAway Pond Skimmer Filter Fountain offers small ponds under 500 gallons a stylish way to boost ...
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Cobalt Pond LED Fountain Head

As low as $74.59
Eco-friendly lighted fountainhead employs energy-efficient LEDs Create a sensational water feature display to boost pond appeal Waterproof, low-voltage LEDs enhance nighttime pond safety Sensational display of water and light adds a designer touch to your pond or water garden. Cobalt Pond LED Fountain Head offers a simple and elegant way to add safety and extend nighttime use of your pond. ...
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Pond Boss Lit Container Fountain Kit

As low as $32.99
Container water gardening made easy! Pond Boss Lit Container Fountain Kit comes with everything you need to turn your favorite planter or decorative container into an elegant water fountain. Easy-to-assemble fountain pump kit includes interchangeable fountainheads to create three different fountain patterns to enhance any outdoor (or indoor) space with the sound and beauty of moving water. ...
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Alpine Floating Spray Fountain

As low as $229.99
Easy-to-install lighted fountain display for your pond or water gardenLED fountain lights change automatically for a dynamic light displaySpectacular light and water show enhances any pond or water feature Enhance your pond or water garden with spectacular lights and fountain spray. Easy-to-install Floating Spray Fountain includes everything you need for immediate set up. Water pump creates a ...
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Kasco Group Aerating Fountains

As low as $2,099.99
Powerful aerating fountains for ponds, water gardens, and water features Create a beautiful fountain display while adding vital oxygen to the water Oxygenate pond water for healthier fish and better biological filtration Powerful, professional fountain systems enrich ponds and water features with vital oxygen. These decorative aerating fountains eliminate stagnant, oxygen-poor areas while ...
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Solar Pump Kits

As low as $79.99
Create fun, solar-powered water features in areas without electrical outlets. Use the Mini to add water movement in birdbaths or small ponds (such as container ponds), or to run spitters. It features a memory function that remembers the time of day you first turned on the solar pump and turns it on at the same time every day. Mini also ...
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Pond Boss Complete Floating UV Filter with Pump

As low as $14.99
3-in-1 unit multitasks as pond filter, UV clarifier, and illuminated fountain at one great price! Pond Boss Complete Floating UV Filter with Pump helps you save time and money by providing pond filtration, lighting, aeration AND algae control. In about five minutes, you can enjoy an ultraviolet clarifier that sets up without complicated plumbing. Simply place, anchor, and plug in. ...
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