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Freshwater Glass Fish Lighting

4 results

Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System

As low as $269.99
Powerful metal halide HQI light fixture replicates natural sunlight Multi-faceted, mirrored reflector boosts aquarium light output Great for reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums High-tech reflector design intensifies brilliant metal halide HQI lighting. Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System brings out the beauty of aquarium inhabitants with the dazzling intensity of ...
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Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Metal Halide Lighting System

As low as $239.99
Pendant-style mogul base metal halide aquarium fixtures Powerful metal halide lighting provides outstanding aquarium illumination Great for coral reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums Enjoy intense aquarium lighting achieved with powerful metal halide lighting. Hamilton Technology Bali Sun Metal Halide Pendant with LED Lights brings out vibrant coloration and beauty of ...
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Aqueon Full Spectrum Daylight Fluorescent Lamp

As low as $7.99
Fluorescent lamps ideal for fresh or saltwater aquariumsFull spectrum daylight lamps perfect for everyday useGeneral purpose aquarium lamps used in All-Glass light fixtures Full spectrum daylight lamps used in All-Glass Aquarium fixtures. Long-lasting bulbs emit an appealing light spectrum to help highlight vivid coloration of your aquarium inhabitants. Aqueon Full Spectrum Daylight ...
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Fluorescent Strip Lights

As low as $54.99
Budget-friendly standard fluorescent light fixtures for aquariums Great general purpose lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums Choose single or double bright strip light to suit your aquarium needs Universal design fits all brands of aquariums and is excellent for either saltwater or freshwater applications. Affordable fluorescent light fixtures are vented for heat dissipation and made ...
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