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Freshwater Flow Rate Filters
8 results

AquaTop PFUV Elite Series Power Filter with UV

As low as $49.99
Revolutionary 5-stage power filter takes aquarium filtration to a new level of convenience. AquaTop PFUV Elite Series Power Filter with UV allows hobbyists of all skill levels to enjoy the extreme convenience of a hang-on-back filter PLUS UV sterilization AND surface skimming without additional equipment or complicated plumbing. Great for use with freshwater or marine aquariums and an ...
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Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter

As low as $7.59
Upgrade of popular high performance canister filter boasts enhanced performance and setup ease. Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter makes aquarium fishkeeping easier and more convenient. Astounding 1.5-gallon media capacity filter is powered by an energy-efficient pump with a 935-gph pump output that draws just 43 watts! The result is cleaner and healthier aquarium water while ...
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As low as $5.99
Hang-on-back aquarium filter with advanced cartridge technology Densely-filled filter cartridges makes aquarium water clean and clear Feature-packed aquarium power filter boasts quiet, leak-free design Advanced cartridge technology boosts aquarium water quality and clarity. API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter is a new feature-packed hang-on-back (HOB) power filter designed to ease aquarium success. ...
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Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter

As low as $131.88
Rethink filtration possibilities with greater energy efficiency and custom installation options. The innovative Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter employs the silent running Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump that boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 6-watts of electricity! Unique filter design eliminates the bulky motor head to maximize space for ...
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Zoo Med AquaSweep™ Rotating Filter Attachment

As low as $8.99
Easily create strong, beneficial wave action in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with the AquaSweep Rotating Filter Attachment. This compact, easy-to-install attachment won't raise your energy costs - it's powered by water pressure and oscillates automatically, creating sweeping water movement. Simply connect the AquaSweep Rotating Filter Attachment to your canister filter outlet hose or ...
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Fluval U Series Underwater Filter

As low as $29.99
Fully submersible aquarium filter for enhanced filtration optionsBoost aquarium filtration, water movement and crucial aerationUnderwater filter features flip-top access for easy media change Open your eyes to a world of unsurpassed underwater aquarium filtration. The versatile Fluval U Series Underwater Filter offers creative new possibilities for aquarium filtration, water movement and ...
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Eheim miniFLAT Shallow Water Filter

As low as $3.99
Multi-purpose low-profile filter perfect for any shallow water herptile application. Eheim miniFLAT Shallow Water Filter is an ultra compact filter loaded with convenient features allowing versatile use for filtration, water movement, waterfall creation, and more. Adjustable flow rate filter features a reusable filter sponge cartridge that provides mechanical and biological filtration. ...
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Ocean Clear In-Line Filters

As low as $259.00
Choose the perfect filter to suit your large aquarium or small pond Save time and effort with convenient aquarium filter maintenance UV sterilizer model gives aquarium water quality and clarity a boost Ocean Clear Canister Filters bring your large freshwater or saltwater aquarium a wide range of filtration options - mechanical, chemical, and/or biological. They're also perfect for small ...
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