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Fluval Carbon Fish Supplies
5 results

Fluval G Series Advanced Filter Media & Cartridges

As low as $14.99
Biological, chemical and mechanical filter media for the Fluval G Filters Replace exhausted chemical media for optimum aquarium water quality Different chemical filter cartridges allow custom aquarium filtration Maintain Fluval G filter performance for optimum aquarium water quality. Wide selection of premium-quality replacement filter media allows flexible management of your specific ...
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Fluval C Series Replacement Chemical Media

As low as $2.99
Chemical media for Fluval C Series aquarium power filtersReplace exhausted media for optimum aquarium water qualityRemove aquarium odors, discoloration, pollutants & ammonia Customize chemical filtration to suit your aquarium needs. Fluval C Series Replacement Chemical Media allows a convenient way to remove a wide variety of aquarium pollutants for a clean and healthy environment. Activated ...
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Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Replacement Parts

As low as $2.39
Chic designer aquarium kit great for desktops and countertops Explore aquatic possibilities in miniature for exceptional setups Nano aquarium kit includes LED lighting and 3-stage filtration Expand hobby horizons with aquatic possibilities in miniature. Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kit is an elegant nano aquarium that's big on style and high-end features. Advanced LED (light emitting diode) ...
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Fluval Zeo-Carb

As low as $4.99
Premium blend of Fluval Carbon and Fluval Ammonia Remover for freshwater aquariums 2-in-1 aquarium filter media eliminate liquefied impurities, discoloration, odors and toxic ammonia Replace Fluval Zeo-Carb monthly to ensure clean, healthy freshwater aquariums Combines ammonia removal with ultragrade carbon purification. Rinse Zeo-Carb thoroughly. Can be placed in any module, but is the most ...
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Fluval Ultragrade Carbon

As low as $5.99
Carbon filters help remove odors and discoloration from your aquarium water Will not raise phosphate levels For freshwater and marine aquariums Fluval Ultragrade Carbon is ideally suited as a fine water scrub and is best placed in the lowest or middle modules. By placing before any biologically specific media, it will strain and adsorb tiny particles, dissolved impurities and remove ...
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