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Flexible Kong Toy
6 results

KONG Flyers for Dogs

As low as $10.79
Games of fetch, playtime in the park, and retriever training sessions are more fun with a KONG Flyer. Durable, flying disc dog toys are made from exclusive KONG rubber, which is durable enough to withstand rigorous use. Unlike hard flying discs, these are flexible, with a soft catch that's easy on teeth and gums during in-flight grabs. Choose from KONG ...
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KONG Squeezz Toys

As low as $14.99
Let your dog enjoy a durable KONG Squeezz toy indoors or out. The erratic bounce of these toys makes fetching, tugging and squeezing much more entertaining and rewarding. These vibrant-colored toys feature a protected, recessed squeaker that responds to your dog's every chomp with a gleeful squeak. Simply give them a squeeze in front of your pet, and then give ...
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KONG Puppy Flyer

As low as $6.99
Games of fetch, playtime in the park, and retriever training sessions are more fun with a KONG Puppy Flyer. This soft, flexible flying disc is made from KONG's special teething rubber, which offers accurate flight and a soft catch ideal for developing teeth and gums. Interactive toy is ideal for providing necessary exercise and quality bonding for you and your ...
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Kong Toy

As low as $4.69
Durable, ferret chew toy Constructed of Kong's exclusive, nontoxic red natural rubber Made in the USA Strong, bouncy Kong safely meets the chewing needs of your ferret. Made of flexible, puncture-resistant natural rubber; each wobbles and bounces erratically. Kongs will not stain carpets or walls. Any treat that fits inside the Kong will work. You can even break certain treats ...
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KONG Bounzer

As low as $12.99
Bounzer features classic KONG shape, in an oversized silhouette that's perfect for tumble and toss play. Unlike the hefty traditional KONG, Bounzer is made with exceptionally light, flexible, and durable material that bounces, rolls and flexes. When grabbed by your dog, Bounzer compresses and releases a hiss of air, which encourages and eggs on your pet. After being squeezed, durable ...
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KONG Dental Dog Toys

As low as $11.99
KONG Dental Toys feature special grooves that clean teeth and massage gums as dogs chew. These toys feature KONG's classic rubber, which is firm yet flexible under pressure to provide excellent support for strong gums. The hollow center (except on KONG Dental with Rope) is perfect for holding KONG Treats , small kibble , or even dog toothpaste . As ...
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