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Flexible Horse Supplies
6 results

Tubtrugs by Tail Tamers

As low as $7.19
Flexible horse bucket is an invaluable tool in both barn and stable Perfect to carry grain or hay, muck stalls, soak injured feet, and more Large sized tubs are virtually indestructible and frost- and UV-proof Versatile horse buckets are a must in any barn or stable. Flexible, yet rugged, plastic tubs can be bent to suit your chore or task. ...
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ThermoHose by K&H Manufacturing

As low as $79.99
Fill stock tanks in winter without hose damage using this heated water hoseThermostatically-controlled garden hose means convenient winter access to tap waterUse this ice-free, flexible hose for a variety of barn/stable or ranch chores Eliminate hose maintenance hassles during periods of freezing temperature. No more draining the hose after filling your stock tanks! Innovative heated water ...
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HOOFix™ Abscess Kit by Plum Shade Farm

As low as $39.99
Fast, effective treatment for abscesses and sore feet Less messy than the old fashioned way Everything you need in one easy-to-use kit Treat your horse's hoof abscess or sore feet while you're waiting for the veterinarian or farrier to arrive. Kit contains everything you need for treatment without the disorganization and chaos that usually ensues. To keep debris away from ...
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Feed Pans by Fortex

As low as $5.99
Feed your horse, muck the stall, or clean your barn. Reinforced 100% rubber pans are strong, yet flexible, to prevent damage by even the most determined horse or extreme temperatures. Perfect to feed multiple horses, ponies, or other livestock. Also great for when you muck stalls, clean the barn, or need to soak turnout sheets, blankets, hooves, and more. Versatile ...
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ProCare Liquid Bandage

As low as $14.99
Form a thin, waterproof bandage on minor cuts within secondsLiquid bandage is perfect for protecting minor cuts and nicksSimply wait till bleeding stops, apply Liquid Bandage, and it will form a hard barrier of protection Form a thin, flexible, waterproof bandage on the skin safely and easily with ProCare Liquid Bandage. Apply after you stop the bleeding; simply apply to ...
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PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage

As low as $1.79
Bitter taste helps prevent biting, tearing, and chewing of bandages to protect wounds Controlled compression bandage will not constrict "The Ultimate Bandage" has strong, 23-lb tensile strength Keep your horse from biting or tearing at bandages. PowerFlex No Chew Bandage is coated with a bitter taste horses hate, so they'll leave the bandage alone. PowerFlex No Chew is self-adhesive and ...
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