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Fetch Hanging Toy

6 results

Galactic Crunch

As low as $10.99
Outer space-themed hanging bird toy with down-to earth rootsHanging bird toy features an assortment of all-natural playthingsBirds will have a blast with a universe of shredding, chewing fun Explore a universe of playtime fun with an out-of-this-world bird toy. Galactic Crunch Bird Toy provides hours of satisfying chewing, shredding and preening activity while exercising ALL of your bird's ...
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Fetch It Pets Crunchinator Bird Toy

As low as $19.99
Colorful, chewable, shredable hanging toy for medium-size pet birds Provides pet birds a constructive outlet for natural chewing behavior Loaded with wicker balls & wood pieces for a chewing challenge pet birds love What else would you call a bird toy that terminates birdie boredom? Fetch It Pets Crunchinator Bird Toy features a cacophony of colorful chewable, crunchable AND shredable ...
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Tiki Chew

As low as $4.99
Delightful all-natural hanging bird toy inspired by the tropicsGreat shreddable, chewable toy for parakeets and small birds End boredom with mental and physical activity for cage birds Wacky Tiki Chew sends cooped up birds on a tropical "stay-cation." This delightful toy for parakeets and small birds is the perfect remedy for birdie boredom. Multiple play options from swinging, climbing, ...
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Fetch It Pets Ring Toss Bird Toy

As low as $8.99
Colorful hanging toy great for pet birds with active play preferences Keep pet birds mentally & physically fit with a variety of play options Pet birds can chew natural vine and wood pieces or swing and climb Transform any cage interior into a festive activity center for UNDER $10! Fetch It Pets Ring Toss Bird Toy instantly enriches any environment ...
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Fetch It Pets Have-A-Ball Bird Toy

As low as $6.99
Crunchy chewable toy for parakeets, conures, & similar-sized pet birds Multiple play options offer pet birds great physical and mental activity Colorful, fun toy keeps pet birds engaged and curbs unwanted behavior Keep pet birds that love to chew happy with a celebration of colorful, chewable pieces. Fetch It Pets Have-A-Ball Bird Toy features 18 one-inch wicker balls AND a ...
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Fetch It Pets Hootenanay Bird Toy

As low as $6.99
Pet bird toy is a miniature activity center full of multiple play options Fun, playful design keeps pet birds mentally and physically engaged Small pet birds can hang out on the swing perch or cuddle in the hat Call it hootenanny, shindig or hoedown; a good time is certain with this miniature activity center. Fetch It Pets Hootenanay Bird Toy ...
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