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Flirty Bird Flyer Cat Toy

As low as $12.99
Launch Flirty Bird into flight and send kitty on the hunt Flirty Bird flies through the air like a real bird Bird is attached to a string so you can reel it back into the launcher Launch this realistic, flying bird, and you'll launch your cat into action - for hours of chasing, batting, and swatting fun. Flirty Bird is ...
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Twist 'N Treat Teaser Cat Toy

As low as $5.99
Let your cat roll, bat, and wiggle her way to a reward with Twist 'N Treat TeaserFill this treat toy with small treats, or use with dry kibble to help slow eatingIncludes a removable feather teaser to add to the playtime excitement Twist 'N Treat Teaser delivers both the excitement of the hunt AND the rewards to go with it. ...
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Play "N" Squeak Shake y'r Tail Feather

As low as $6.99
Enrich your cat's life and bring out the wild inside! Shake y'r Tail Feather is a plush mouse with a feather for a tail your cat bats around, hunts, and chases. Real feather tail brings out the natural hunter in your cat, and when the electronic module inside toy emits the amazingly realistic mouse squeak, it brings out the wild ...
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Remote Control Action Cat Toy

As low as $19.99
You control the action with this remote-control interactive cat toy Feathers fly at the flip of a switch, to send your cat into healthy "hunting mode" Guaranteed to drive cats crazy and give them necessary exercise We never tire of watching our cats ambush feather toys, and now we can control the action from across the room. Action Toy features ...
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Pure Commotion Cat Toy

As low as $22.99
Feather dangler cat toy flips and flutters to drive your cat wild Programmable for up to 2 hrs of continuous play, ideal for busy cat owners Simple knob controls speed and duration of toy Bring your cat out of hiding for exciting play using the Pure Commotion electronic cat toy. Its battery-operated base controls a flexible plastic wand with feather ...
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Kitty Clip Cat Toy

As low as $7.99
Clasp Kitty Clip onto cat towers or scratch posts for entertainment and exercise Spring-energized action sends the attached teaser toy into mesmerizing motion Rubberized grip clips this fun cat toy tightly onto most surfaces Create a cat activity center anywhere - instantly - when you clip this fun toy onto cat towers, scratch posts, or anywhere kitty likes to play. ...
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Twinkle Cat Toys

As low as $4.99
Tempt cats with the realistic squeaks and erratic movement of Twinkle Toys Mouse-themed cat toys deliver wobbling, flitting, and prey-like action to excite catsFlashing eyes give these toys added visual interest during night time play Provoke your cat's inner gymnast with the textures, sounds, and flashing lights of Twinkle Toys. Watch kitty flip, leap, and attack these erratic, squeaky mouse ...
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Kong Mice Refillable Cat Toys

As low as $2.99
Refill these mice with the included catnip over and over to refresh the aroma Refillable catnip toys boast fur and feathers to mimic real prey Open-and-close compartment holds premium North American catnip Premium North American catnip makes these refillable plush toys incredibly alluring to your cat. Kong Mice toys feature super-soft plush and real feathers, the prey of kitty's dreams. ...
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Petstages Feather Teasers

As low as $3.59
Feather wands for cats offer movement and prey-like attraction Holds your cat's interest for beneficial exercise and stimulating play A great way to play interactively with your cat Encourage enticing, interactive fun for you and kitty. Irresistible feathers and pompons give these toys the prey-like motion and attraction sure to lure cats off the sofa for beneficial play and exercise. ...
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