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Farnam Health Supplies
5 results

Vetrolin® Liniment by Farnam

As low as $9.99
Invigorating, aromatic liniment with a hint of green soap and 5 essential oils Helps relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation Helps stimulate blood flow to sore ankles, knees and tendons Soothe and revitalize your horse’s sore muscles and joints. Topical liniment is delightfully aromatic with camphor, green soap, and 5 essential oils. Helps relieve minor stiffness, soreness and ...
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SWAT® Fly Repellents by Farnam

As low as $7.99
Gentle salve protects wounds and abrasions from biting and disease-ridden insects. Natural pyrethrin-based ointment repels house, stable, face, and horn flies. Simply apply enough ointment to cover areas AROUND wounds and sores, as well as scratches and abrasions (do not apply to open wounds or sores). Also good for use around sensitive ears and facial areas. Designed for everyday use. ...
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Tri-Care™ 3-Way Wound Ointment by Farnam

As low as $14.99
Combination antiseptic, pain reliever, and fly barrier for horse wounds Use on cuts, scrapes, scratches, bites, rope burns, abrasions, and more Beeswax-based ointment contains tea tree oil, citronella, and Echinacea Three step wound care for your horse in one convenient tube. Versatile, 3-in-1 ointment works as an antiseptic, to ease discomfort, and creates a protective barrier over wounds, ...
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Wound-Kote™ by Farnam

As low as $4.99
Care for your horse's minor wounds, cuts, and skin abrasions. Quick-drying, antiseptic dressing protects surface wounds from bacterial infections. Convenient aerosol spray coats the wound, helps disinfect it, and aids in early scab formation. Penetrating formula is not easily rubbed or washed away. Also perfect for use on harness galls and saddle sores. Safe for use on horses and ponies ...
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Cool Pack Green Jelly by Farnam

As low as $18.49
Original green gel for temporary relief of soreness and stiffness Apply after overexertion to shoulders, ankles, knees, ligaments, tendons and shins Can also be applied to soothe minor cuts and abrasions This is the original green cooling jelly that provides temporary relief of your horse's minor soreness and stiffness caused by overexertion. Apply to shoulders, ankles, knees, suspensory ...
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