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Exo Terra Dish
4 results

Exo Terra Worm Dish

As low as $6.99
Maximize reptile nutrition by keeping live foods contained and easily accessible. Exo Terra Worm Dish enhances the hunting/feeding experience for reptiles by allowing unobstructed views of live, moving food. Mealworms and other feeder worms can't escape and turn into inedible beetles thanks to a specially designed edged ring. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be easily added to the dish to ...
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Exo Terra Gecko Combo Water & Feeding Dish

As low as $10.99
2-in-1 water and food dish makes gecko-keeping simple. Exo Terra Gecko Dish Combo Water & Feeding Dish is the decorative, space-saving solution for geckos and smaller reptile species. Attractive resin dish features a smaller Food Well ideal for gecko food , nectar, mashed fruit or even vitamin and mineral supplements . Larger water dish portion features built-in safety steps to ...
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Exo Terra Cricket Water Dish with Foam

As low as $4.99
Provide feeder-insects fresh water without the risk of drowning. Exo Terra Cricket Water Dish with Foam gives thirsty crickets in your terrarium a leg up while they sip. Large, safety foam allows easy access for drinking while providing a stable surface they can walk on. Exo Terra Cricket Water Dish with Foam is made with durable food-grade resin and features ...
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Exo Terra Water and Feeding Dish

As low as $3.99
Easy-clean resin water and feed dishes for reptile terrariumsCoated reptile bowls prevent development of harmful bacteriaNatural and realistic look integrates into most herptile habitats Preserve the natural look of reptile habitats with faux-rock dishes. Exo Terra Water and Feeding Dish have a very natural and realistic rock finish that blends perfectly in desert, tropical or any type of ...
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