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Ergonomic Supplies
8 results

Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller

As low as $124.99
Easily automate CO2 injection for freshwater-planted aquariums as well as calcium reactors without breaking your budget. Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller offers a reliable and affordable way to streamline CO2 injection. Easy-to-use electronic pH controller continuously measures pH levels AND features a controllable outlet the activates your CO2 system when pH levels deviate ...
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CLIX® Training Clickers & Whistles

As low as $4.49
Whether you want to teach your dog to sit, come when called, lie down, walk on a loose lead, or even perform tricks, clicker training with Clix Training Clickers and Whistles can make your training sessions easy, effective, and FUN! The Clix Multi-Clicker features adjustable volume control, so you can match the click volume to your dog's sound sensitivity. Ergonomic ...
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Dual Sided Cat Brush by JW Pet

As low as $5.99
Cat brush helps to untangle mats and snarls Grooming brush maintains natural healthy sheen Keeps groomer comfortable with rubber-sheathed handle One side of this dual-sided grooming brush untangles mats and snarls, the other brings out her healthy shine. Ergonomic design gives you better control and allows for a comfortable non-slip grip. 9". You'll like the "feel" of this tool - ...
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Foaming Tool by EQ Solutions

As low as $34.99
Mix, foam, and spray horse body wash or barn, stall, and stable cleanersWide-mouth allows easy filling; large capacity holds 48 oz of solutionQuick-release nozzle instantly detaches from water hose to speed rinsing Wash your horse, barn, stable, stall, and more, quickly and easily. Commercial-grade foamer tool accurately mixes and sprays any foaming horse cleaner, surface, or truck and ...
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Best 36" Long Brush

As low as $6.99
36" brush reaches the bottom of your longest tube feeders Wide, durable nylon bristles clean away crusted messes with ease Wood handle and thick metal arm ensure years of use Now you can reach the bottom of even your longest tube-style finch feeders so they can be free of crusty messes. This extra-long cleaning brush keeps them clean and sanitary ...
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ExtraTough Quick-Klip Dog Collar

As low as $20.99
Virtually unbreakable, even for large or strong dogs. Sturdy and tough, these Dura-Ruff nylon collars have unique metal quick-klip closures that are virtually indestructible. Adjustable collars feature RF welded, hot sealed seams that are stronger than stitching and are tough single-ply to clip on in a snap. Ergonomic metal buckle feels comfortable on your dog's neck. Features a stainless ...
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Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper

As low as $119.99
Two rechargeable, drop-in battery packs let you enjoy continuous cordless operation of this quiet, cool-running clipper. You'll always have a fully-charged spare, ready for use. Lightweight, ergonomic Arco gives you a precise cut, the first time you run it over your dog's hair, thanks to its powerful 5,500 strokes-per-minute rotary motor. This makes clipping easier for you and more tolerable ...
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ConairPRO Dog™ 2-in-1 Pet Clipper / Trimmer Kit

As low as $54.99
Clipper and trimmer in one - ideal for light to medium clipping Ground-steel diamond-sharpened blades provide durability and cutting performance Quiet, powerful DC motor has turbo switch for 15% power boost This dual-use clipper includes two blades - one for clipping the body as well as a special trimmer blade for the sensitive paw, face, and ear areas. ConairPRO Dog ...
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