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Energy Efficient Pond Equipment

6 results

Tetra Pond Floating Pond De-Icer

As low as $34.99
Natural looking faux stone pond de-icer Thermostatically-controlled pond de-icer keeps an opening in the ice Allows proper gas exchange to help ensure winter survival of pond fish Decorative faux stone housing conceals an energy-efficient, thermostatically controlled pond de-icer. Turns on automatically to keep a small area of your pond free of ice so harmful gasses can escape from the ...
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Bird Pond Kit with 3-Tier Cascade

As low as $69.99
Do-it-yourself 3 ft x 4 ft pond kit perfect as a weekend pond project Enhance your backyard with a beautiful miniature waterfall pond Birdbath pond attracts wild birds with the fresh trickling water Create a stunning and simple ground level birdbath in as little as two hours! Constructs a 3' x 4', pond 2"-6" deep, plus 3-1/2' cascade on a ...
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Thermo-Pond De-Icer

As low as $41.99
Energy-efficient pond de-icer operates on only 100 watts Will not harm pond liners or plastic ponds Allows toxic gases to escape all winter long Tested to work in temperatures to 30° below zero. Unique floating, thermostatically controlled de-icer operates on only 100 watts - incredibly energy efficient. 11-1/2" diameter unit has a heating chamber designed to keep an 8-1/2" hole ...
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Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icers

As low as $38.99
Thermostatically controlled de-icer for ponds and water gardens Versatile pond de-icer design allows floating or submersible use "Smart" thermostat minimizes wear for reliable de-icer performance Smart pond de-icer perfect for small or large ponds. Energy efficient unit can be used as a floating or submersible de-icer to maintain an area of open water in ponds during winter. Specially ...
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Super Bright White LED Pond Lights

As low as $39.99
Multipurpose, super-bright LED lighting for ponds and water gardensEnergy-efficient LED spot lights accentuate pond and garden featuresIncrease outdoor lighting to enjoy your pond and backyard at night Add dramatic flair to pond and garden features with energy-efficient LED spot lights. Brilliant, multipurpose LED lights illuminate dark or hidden areas in or out of water. Included ...
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Little Giant® Out-of-Pond Pumps

As low as $379.99
Energy-efficient external centrifugal pond pumps from Little Giant External placement means no wading into pond to service unitPowerful external pond pump perfect for larger ponds and water gardens Service this pump and its intake filter without wading into your pond. High efficiency, end-suction centrifugal pump sits at pond's perimeter and runs quieter than most submersible pumps. They ...
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