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Electronic Cat Toy

7 results

Our Pets Corknip® Compressed Catnip Toys

As low as $5.99
Combines premium North American catnip with natural cork Delivers catnip fun without the mess of loose catnip Contains natural, sustainable ingredients for safe play These toys fuse premium North American catnip with natural cork for catnip fun without the scattered mess. Corknip toys deliver an intoxicating texture that cats sink their teeth and claws into with gusto. Made from eco-friendly, ...
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Zany Cat™ Electronic Cat Toy

As low as $9.69
Twists, turns, rocks and rolls all by itself Blinking lights provide visual allure that's irresistible to pets 2 AAA batteries included - simply turn on the fun! Zany Cat is the teasing, taunting cat toy that launches your cat's instinctual pouncing behavior. The roly, poly hard plastic base houses an electronic motor that twists and turns the attached feather teaser ...
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Stir Crazy™ Electronic Motion Toy for Cats

As low as $22.99
Rotating tail pushes a refillable catnip ball around a circular track 4 different speeds allow the motion to match your cat's needs Striking frosted design of this toy looks great in any home setting Motion and catnip - two of a cat's favorite things - are paired in this fun electronic toy. Stir Crazy features a rotating tail that pushes ...
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Play 'N' Squeak Batting Practice

As low as $5.29
Plush hanging toy is exciting for alone play or bonding with you Toy emits a RealMouse™ squeaking sound that keeps your cat curious Plush toy hangs from inside door with included attachment, or remove for interactive play Bring out the natural hunter in your cat. Batting Practice is a plush mouse-on-a-string you attach to any door to dangle enticingly in ...
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Play-N-Squeak® Backyard Toys

As low as $6.99
Imaginary prey activates your cat's hunting instincts Real field mouse squeak drives cats crazy Cat toys contain catnip to cast a magic spell over your cat These furry rascals let indoor cats practice their pounce-and-hunt skills while working off pent-up energy. Each features an electronic sound module that produces an amazingly realistic squeak with every bat. Squeak features same frequency ...
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Spring Fling by Play-N-Squeak®

As low as $7.99
This bat-and-swat toy promotes healthy solo play Provides mental and physical stimulation crucial for your cat's well being RealMouse™ sound engages your cat's predatory instincts in a positive way Spring Fling offers imaginary prey with RealMouse squeak to entertain your cat for hours. This stand-alone toy fuels your cat's natural hunting instinct and provides a positive outlet for venting ...
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Wild Thing™ (Feather Whirl) Electronic Motion Ball

As low as $15.99
Weighted base helps create erratic spin and wobble motion Feather teaser wand flits and flutters for real prey-like action Electronic toy offers two speeds to suit your cat's preferences Motion ball toy flits, spins, and rolls in unpredictable fashion to launch lazy cats into exercise mode. The ball's quiet motor produces just enough vibration to pique your cat's curiosity, and ...
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