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Electrical Fish Lighting
7 results

Ultra-Ground Titanium Probe

As low as $14.99
Safe and easy-to-use titanium aquarium grounding probe Helps eliminate fish health problems associated with stray voltage Non-corrosive solid titanium probe ideal for saltwater applications Pumps, powerheads, chillers, and other aquarium electrical devices may emit stray voltage resulting in fish health problems like lateral line disease, fin erosion, and gill deterioration. Just place ...
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Zoo Med Aquasun Timer and Dual Timer

As low as $9.99
Budget-friendly easy program timers for electrical aquarium devices Analog timers great for automating aquarium lighting & other functions Use Single Timer for freshwater & Dual Timer for saltwater aquariums Automate aquarium functions at a hobby-friendly price. Zoo Med Aquasun Timer and Dual Timer simplify environmental control allowing you to customize aquarium functions to suit your needs. ...
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Shock Buster GFCI

As low as $27.99
Ground fault circuit interrupter turns regular outlets into safety outlets Instantly shuts off power to protect aquarium equipment from electrical damage Essential electrical safety equipment for aquarium hobbyists Protection against electrical shocks and equipment damage. Five Outlet ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) converts a single outlet into 5 safety outlets. 24" Inline GFCI ...
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Innovative Marine SkkyeLight SingleStrip LED Light

As low as $71.99
High-performance LED aquarium strip light at an affordable price LED light fixture comes complete for brilliant ready-to-use lighting Each 1 watt LED with individual reflectors delivers an amazing 120 lumens High-end LED performance without the fuss or price tag! Innovative Marine SkkyeLight SingleStrip LED Light offers a user-friendly, budget-friendly AND eco-friendly solution to aquarium ...
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Alpine Corporation Solar Powered LED Rose Garden Light

As low as $19.99
Create enchanting nighttime views with gorgeous illuminating roses. Alpine Corporation Solar Powered LED Rose Garden Light emits a soft, captivating glow that beautifully enhances any outdoor area at night. Decorative solar powered LED light charges in direct sunlight during the day and turns on automatically at night for simple operation . Easy-to-install garden light does not require wiring ...
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Aquascape® LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit

As low as $95.98
Pre-wired LED kit for easy installation, versatile pond lighting AND energy savings right out of the box! Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit eliminate the need for any complicated electrical wiring for quick and easy light installation. Affordable DIY pond lighting kit features permanently sealed watertight LED light fixtures for use in or out of the water. The result ...
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Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood

As low as $69.99
Discover a brilliant, energy-efficient way to illuminate your reptile habitat while keeping operating costs down! Zoo Med ReptiSun LED Terrarium Hood employs the latest in LED technology for convenient 24-hour lighting that showcases your reptile habitat - day or night. Groundbreaking fixture keeps electrical costs to a minimum AND eliminates the need for yearly bulb replacements for ...
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