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Ecoxotic LED Aquarium Lighting
3 results

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture

As low as $313.45
LED aquarium light fixture with controllable 8000°K & RGB LEDs Delivers powerful full spectrum light great for planted aquariums Wireless remote control allows on-demand aquarium light effects Brilliant LED fixture delivers powerful adjustable full spectrum lighting. Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture with proprietary blend of white and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs satisfies the ...
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ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Modules

As low as $27.99
Panorama Pro 2.0 LED Module with higher performance LED chips Conformal-coated LED module features water resistant IP65 rating Use single LED or connect multiple units for custom aquarium lighting Amazing brightness, greater energy efficiency AND enhanced safety features ensure longer-lasting reliable use. Upgraded Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 2.0 LED Module boasts higher performance LED chips, ...
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LiveAquaria Select Panorama Pro LED Fixture by Ecoxotic for Freshwater Planted Aquariums

As low as $369.99
The professional LED lighting system for planted aquarium enthusiasts has arrived. The collaborative effort between Drs. Foster & Smith AND aquarium lighting innovator Ecoxotic simplifies the LED selection process for hobbyists with freshwater planted aquariums. The Director of Drs. Foster & Smith worked closely with Ecoxotic in developing, customizing, and testing this ...
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