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Ecological Laboratories Conditioner
6 results

Microbe-Lift Pond Colorant & Enzymes

As low as $39.96
Microbe-Lift pond colorant blocks out harsh light rays Non-staining colorant turns pond water an appealing shade Special enzymatic formulation also digests organic waste Minimize light penetration and excess nutrients for beautiful water features. Dual-action colorant and enzyme formulation enhances pond aesthetics, blocks out specific light rays and aids in the breakdown of organic waste for ...
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Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II for Ponds

As low as $71.96
Naturally condition pond water and decrease ammonia and nitrite toxicity. Specially formulated liquid solution contains select strains of the nitrifying bacteria Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter for fast and effective reduction of harmful ammonia and nitrite. 32 oz treats up to 16,000 gallons for initial application. Use with Microbe-Lift/PL to speed the removal of organic waste, ...
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Microbe-Lift Sludge Away

As low as $63.96
Liquid Sludge Away accelerates the breakdown of difficult-to-remove sludge and muck buildup. Indispensable for ponds with rock or gravel bottoms where vacuuming may not be practical or effective. Best when used with water temperatures above 55°F, although in heavily stocked pond, additional oxygen should be supplied in water temperatures 85°F and above. Use Sludge Away Booster dry powder when ...
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Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift HC

As low as $69.56
Biological water conditioner for natural ponds and lagoons High count beneficial bacteria naturally conditions pond water Breaks down organic sludge for clean, clear and healthy ponds Naturally condition larger rural lakes and ponds with beneficial bacteria. Microbe-Lift HC is a proprietary "high count" formulation that simplifies the creation and maintenance of a healthy pond environment. ...
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Microbe-Lift Sludge Away Booster

As low as $65.56
Biological water clarifier for removing excess nutrients from ponds Speeds biological oxidation of organics to boost pond water clarity Dry 3.5 lbs formula treats extra large ponds up to 5,000 gallons for 36 weeks Restore pond water clarity with the power of Mother Nature. Specially formulated Microbe-Lift Sludge Away Booster contains dry bacteria and enzymes to control excess nutrients from ...
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Microbe-Lift® Dechlorinator + Water Conditioner

As low as $8.76
Give your pond fish the ultimate in healthy pond water. Highly concentrated water conditioner instantly dechlorinates and detoxifies tap water while conditioning pond water. Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator + Pond Conditioner removes up to 4 mg/liter total chlorine, destroys chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals PLUS replaces slime coat, boosts alkalinity level, and adds essential electrolytes. ...
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