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Dyed Colorful Pet Toy
5 results

Stack 'O Sticks Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $2.99
A great way to relieve boredom or stressSafe dyes won't harm your pet birdBrightly colored pieces, beads, and rope add a multitude of chewing interest Brightly-colored toy packs loads of chewing and pecking play. It also provides colorful stimulation in your bird's habitat. Stack 'O Sticks challenges beaks. Made with safely dyed wood and cotton rope. Toy cleans easily with ...
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Nature Cluster

As low as $13.99
Nature Cluster bird toys are the natural choice for pampered pet birds Interesting shapes and sizes spark birds' curiosity Perfect for medium to large caged birds All-natural bird toys boast endless shapes and sizes to keep birds busy. Large weighs more than 2 lbs and has more than 80 pieces! Both consist of coconut shell, husk, bamboo, veggie-leather, cuttlebone and ...
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Chewbular Play Tube

As low as $4.99
Small pet cage accessory creates a chewable burrow of funYour small animal can charge-through in play or chew-through to help wear and clean her teethToy is made of colorful, chewable pet-safe cardboard for any hamster, gerbil, or rat Offer your pet a barrel of fun with these versatile Chewbular Play Tubes. Your mouse, chinchilla, or other small pet will love ...
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Super Shredder Balls

As low as $17.99
Award-winning toy keeps the minds of curious birds active Bird toy engages birds with shredding and foraging fun Eco-friendly jute mesh bird toy filled with inner surprises Enticing array of textures keep your bird's senses sharp Reward your bird's inquisitive nature with these colorful, eco-friendly bird toys. Award-winning Super Shredder Ball is an innovative hand woven, all-natural jute ...
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Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy

As low as $29.99
Hanging bird toy promotes healthy chewing, and preening behavior Engages pet birds with a wide variety of fun textures and materials Great bird toy for keeping pet birds mentally and physically active Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy is a colorful activity center that supports healthy behavior. Thick blocks of safely dyed wood pieces, along with sisal and cotton rope, ...
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