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Durable Pond Equipment
5 results

Dalen Black Pond Netting

As low as $3.99
Floating, multi-purpose netting eases pond maintenance. Durable, black polypropylene netting with 3/8" mesh keeps goldfish, koi, and other water feature fish safe from predators. Also catches leaves and other debris before it can enter your pond and foul its water. Virtually invisible against water to retain your pond's beauty. Mesh boasts UV-inhibitors to prevent breakdown from the sun. When ...
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Laguna Power Heat 500W Pond De-icer

As low as $89.99
Rugged 500W pond de-icer boasts stainless steel construction Effectively prevent pond surfaces from completely freezing Maintain an open area during winter for vital pond gas exchange Rugged, stainless steel pond de-icer ensures season after season of reliable performance. Made from durable stainless steel, the 500 watt Laguna Power Heat boasts high impact resistance over competing plastic ...
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Alpine LED Pond Lights

As low as $63.99
Brilliant low voltage LED lights for pond and water gardens Use these versatile LED lights inside or outside of your pond Spectacular color changing light effects enhance any outdoors space Scores of super bright light emitting diodes (LED's) add luminous excitement to your pond. Program LED color setting to single, multi-, or auto-change mode for a custom light show. Compact ...
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Pond Logic® TrueRock™ Faux Rock Skimmer & Waterfall Covers

As low as $119.99
Such a realistic look and feel, you'd swear these stones were natural! Pond Logic TrueRock Faux Rock Skimmer & Waterfall Covers are protective, weatherproof faux rocks featuring texture molded with hues that make them look exactly like real rocks and stones. Place over most any apparatus - it protects and blends seamlessly into your pond area. Each faux rock cover ...
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Convertible Pond De-Icer

As low as $52.99
Versatile 2-in-1 pond de-icer you use as a floating or sinking unit Multiple thermostats ensure safe reliable pond de-icer operation Teflon® coated finned heating element maximizes de-icer performance Choosing the right de-icer is easy thanks to the versatile Convertible Pond De-Icer from Allied Precision. This clever unit prevents freezing winters from completely sealing the surfaces of ...
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