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Durable Boots
7 results

Fleece-Trimmed Bell Boots by Shires Equestrian

As low as $16.65
Rubber boots protect the front feet from over reaching and other contact Black fleece trim helps prevent rubbing on the horse Double hook and loop fasteners give them a snug, secure fit Protect your horse when she over-reaches (back legs come up too far and hit the front heels) with Bell Boots by Shires Equestrian. These durable bell boots offer ...
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Saxon Travel Boots

As low as $39.99
Economical shipping boots protect horse's legs when trailered 420 denier nylon outer with boa fleece lining Hook and loop closures on each boot ensure secure fit It's easy for a horse to step on his own leg or the leg of a stall mate through the turns and stops of trailer travel. Since horse's legs are easily prone to injuries, ...
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Secure-Fit Overreach Glitter Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $27.24
Glittery boots protect the hoof from overreach and crossfire injuries Double hook and loop fasteners plus unique, no-turn knob keeps boots secure Comfortable, full coverage of each hoof and shock-absorbing lining Secure-fit boots prevent crossfire and overreach injuries in glittery, glossy style. Durable equine bell boots are manufactured from sturdy vinyl to protect the sensitive coronet ...
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Quick-Wrap Bell Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $39.56
Protect your horse's entire hoof with ease. Neoprene equine bell boots feature a durable, UltraShock foam-based nylon lining for shock absorption and protection. Overlap design completely wraps around the hoof and soft tissue, including the coronet band and bulb. Includes two adjustable hook and loop closures to keep boot secure whether in the field, pasture, or on trail rides. Sturdy ...
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Roma® Deluxe Travel Boots

As low as $54.99
Roma Deluxe Travel Boots provide extra protection for knees, hocks, fetlocks, & heels when traveling or trailering your horse. Sometimes the stops and turns of trailer travel can cause your horse to step on his own legs, or the horse in the next stall may step on or kick your horse's legs. Roma Deluxe Travel Boots are quick and easy ...
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SMB Elite Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $79.99
Contoured fetlock boots prevent injury and aid rehabilitation. Durable, padded neoprene construction wraps completely around your horse's leg to protect the cannon bone, splint bone, tendons, and soft tissue. Also adds comfort and support to any preexisting injuries your horse may have. Features a nylon lining to help absorb energy as the hoof impacts the ground. Unique suspension strap ...
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Ballistic Overreach Boots by Professional's Choice

As low as $19.99
Prevent crossfire and overreach injuries to your horse's hooves. Durable equine bell boots are manufactured from ballistic nylon to protect the sensitive coronet band and bulb of any hoof. Features a reinforced bottom edge, padded top edge, and soft nylon lining for added protection and comfort. Will not rub or agitate existing hoof injuries. Includes double hook and loop fasteners ...
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