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Durable Bird House
6 results

Alpaca Wool Nesting Material

As low as $8.99
Attract nesting songbirds with this well-insulating, all-weather nesting fiber Lightweight yet strong and durable fibers repel water and dry quickly A great way to help songbirds make a home in your neighborhood! Isn't it miraculous how quickly and perfectly birds construct their nests each season? Entice them to make a home in your neighborhood by offering them insulating nesting material. ...
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Convertible Winter/Summer Roost Bird House

As low as $27.99
Winters here are so cold and I always feel so terrible for the birds outside during that time of year. I bought a Convertible Winter/Summer Roost for this winter so our local wild birds have a warm, safe place to retreat from the wind and snow. April Dean � Minneapolis, MN Four-season comfort in a convertible,durable pine roost. A simple ...
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Bird Guardian Birdhouse Predator Protector

As low as $6.99
Prevents predatory mammals and birds from reaching into the birdhouse and destroying the nest and occupants Approved by naturalists and bird watchers nationwide Protects eggs and provides a safe entrance for adults Designed by naturalists to protect nesting songbirds. Keeps predators and larger birds out by extending the entrance while providing a safe entrance for adults. The Bird Guardian ...
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Universal Pole Kit

As low as $13.99
Durable powder coated steel pole fits any feeder including wood, metal and tube. Adapts for flat mounts or 3/4" hole mounts. Includes four 1" diameter pole segments, total pole length is 68". Installs directly into the ground or onto deck with included mount and hardware. Includes all mounting hardware. Available in Black only.
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Observation Bluebird House

As low as $26.99
This house maximizes bluebird comfort and owner access Side panel with latch opening and Plexiglas inner wall lets you peek in on your guests Durable 1" eastern white pine construction helps keep birds warm and dry Expert Tip: If ants invade your nest boxes, grease the mounting pole so they cannot climb up. If this doesn't stop them, take a ...
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Open 2-Sided Eastern Bluebird House

As low as $29.99
Openings on two sides! Sneak an up-close view of nesting bluebirds through the Plexiglas window on one side of this house, and conduct post-season cleanout on the other. This well-constructed bluebird house is made from sustainably-grown Eastern pine. It provides bluebirds exact floor space, ventilation, drainage, and insulation requirements. 1-1/2" opening with predator guard keeps unwanted ...
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