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Durable Bamboo Toys

6 results

Planet Pleasures Bird-E-Lier Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $16.99
Bird toys combines a cornucopia of textures, sights, and sounds to pique the interest of any bird Beautiful oyster shells on these chandelier toys for birds are called capiz and are full of calcium Hanging toy features a chiming sound birds are drawn to and love Your bird is the light of your life, so offer him a classy "chandelier" ...
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Naturals Gorilla Toy

As low as $29.99
Give your large bird huge fun climbing & preening Vertical hanging toy features mangrove wood, bamboo, & coconut Steel link design durable enough for larger bird Hang a naturally-inviting climbing kabob in your parrot's cage. Your large bird will go ape over this huge hanging gorilla toy loaded with hefty chunks of mangrove wood, bamboo perches, coconut halves, and sisal ...
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Chopstick Foraging Toy

As low as $10.99
All-natural foraging and shredding bird toy is made from bamboo chopsticks and more Durable toy for birds is fun for birds to perch on, chew, and shred Fill gaps in this different toy with treats to encourage foraging behavior for your birds enrichment Playtime is sure to be enriched when you offer this fun, distinctive bird toy. The outside is ...
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Snow Cone Bird Toy

As low as $13.99
Bamboo bird toy is colorful and durable Hanging toy for birds is made for preening and shredding Multiple texture of this toy keep your bird busy It looks like a snow cone, but it gives your bird so many different textures and colors, he'll find it hard to resist! The outside is a piece of durable bamboo, flared out at ...
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Bodacious Bites Bamboo Shoots

As low as $44.99
HUGE hanging bird toy provides a playground of chewing, climbing adventure Wide variety of textures & materials engages active minds, beaks, & feet Safe, strong, & durable enough for the largest parrots and macaws Mega-parrot toy rewards big birds with 3 tiers of huge bamboo ladder steps to conquer and climb! Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise ...
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Triple Bamboo Rings

As low as $6.99
Bird foraging toy relieves stress as your bird nibbles and chews Hide bird-favorite foods inside the vine balls for your bird to discover Climbing toy lets your bird get in-cage exercise and nibbling can relieve preening behaviors Hang this engaging, cage-enrichment toy right where your bird can play with it. Tempting textures on this climbable, chewable toy give your bird ...
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