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Durable Bamboo Toys
6 results

Snow Cone Bird Toy

As low as $9.69
It looks like a snow cone, but it gives your bird so many different textures and colors, he'll find it hard to resist! The outside is a piece of durable bamboo, flared out at the top for your bird's shredding pleasure. Underneath the bamboo is a hard coconut shell piece to chew. Erupting out of the top is a cornucopia ...
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Chopstick Teepee

As low as $15.99
Enrich your bird's in-cage or out-of-cage time with this colorful sustainable bamboo chopstick teepee. Triple action bird toy is great for chewing, shredding, or, when you insert treats inside, foraging. Bright hues in colors of the rainforest attract your bird to see what this toy is all about. Durable bamboo chopsticks are made to be perched on and then chewed. ...
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Chopstick Foraging Toy

As low as $9.99
Playtime is sure to be enriched when you offer this fun, distinctive bird toy. The outside is made from colorful bamboo chopsticks simply stuffed with bird favorites like sisal, corn silk, corn husks, and paper. At the ends are durable, colorful coconut shells and they are all tied together with sisal rope. Your bird will perch on top and take ...
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Planet Pleasures Bird-E-Lier Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $16.99
Your bird is the light of your life, so offer him a classy "chandelier" to entertain and enrich his life. Intricate hanging toy has your bird shredding, chewing, preening and climbing, with its colorful combination of coconut, bamboo, sisal rope, wood pieces, and special oyster shells called capiz. Capiz are windowpane oyster shells, known for their calcium content. The capiz ...
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Triple Bamboo Rings

As low as $5.99
Bird foraging toy relieves stress as your bird nibbles and chews Hide bird-favorite foods inside the vine balls for your bird to discover Climbing toy lets your bird get in-cage exercise and nibbling can relieve preening behaviors Hang this engaging, cage-enrichment toy right where your bird can play with it. Tempting textures on this climbable, chewable toy give your bird ...
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Bodacious Bites Fluff N Stuff

As low as $35.99
Mega-parrot toy rewards big birds with a huge hanging ladder bursting with fluffy, preenable fun! Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise exploring this amazing playground loaded with dozens of different shapes, textures, and colors. Pull and preen fluffy fibers, chew driftwood and blocks, climb bamboo tunnels, even forage for surprises you've tucked inside. Safe, strong and ...
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