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Droll Yankees Squirrel Feeder
6 results

Finch Flocker Tube Feeder

As low as $32.99
Finches will feast at this Droll Yankee feeder - up to 20 feeding ports! Largest capacity finch feeder means less filling for you and more finches visiting Durable UV stabilized polycarbonate tube won't yellow over time Attract flocking finches with the bright, goldfinch yellow die-cast metal cap and base of these feeders. Durable UV stabilized polycarbonate tube that won't yellow ...
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Yankee Whipper® Seed Feeder

As low as $69.99
You'll get better seed mileage with this squirrel-proof wild bird feeder. That's because squirrels cannot lunch from this innovative feeder. Four, weight-sensitive, stainless steel perches collapse under the weight of grey and red squirrels. Once squirrels fall away, the spring-controlled perches pop back into place to provide a secure feeding roost for songbirds. Creative curved design of ...
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Droll Yankees New Generation® Seed Feeder

As low as $21.99
Quality sunflower/mixed seed feeder at a very affordable price Boasts sturdy metal parts and long-lasting UV stabilized tube Attract a variety of birds to this feeder's 4 ports This Droll Yankees feeder is basic in design, but built to last - at a very affordable price. It's a pleasure to feed backyard birds with this feeder. Built-to-last features include sturdy, ...
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Yankee Flipper® Seed Feeder

As low as $104.99
Yankee Flipper just might be the most effective (AND entertaining) squirrel-proof feeder on the market. If you want squirrels to stay away from your bird feeders, the Yankee Flipper stops them in their tracks. The minute a squirrel hops on, it flips them off in a fraction of a second. This feeder features a motor-driven, weight-activated perch ring that allows ...
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Jagunda Feeder with Auger System

As low as $109.99
Squirrelproof wild bird feeder baffles squirrels from above and below Gravity fed, flow-through seed chamber holds up to 4 quarts of mixed seed or sunflower seed System comes with two pole options that break down for easy storage Large capacity, 5' 8" tall squirrelproof feeder offers seed to wild birds, not pesky squirrels. Oversized seed tray boasts an 18-1/2" diameter, ...
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Dome Feeder

As low as $26.99
Versatile, multipurpose all-weather wild bird feeder Adjust dome to attract the wild birds of your choice Fill bird feeder tray with any seed type, mealworms, suet, or fruit Multipurpose feeder attracts specific species by adjusting the 10" protective dome. Place seeds , nuts , mealworms , fruit, or suet in the large tray to attract a greater variety of wild ...
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