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Driftwood Decorations Decor
6 results

Mangrove Root Decor

As low as $34.99
Natural and realistic looking poly-resin aquarium decorationGnarly mangrove root adds visual interest to aquascape designEnhance aquarium environment to benefit tropical fish health Dynamic décor accentuates aquarium environment with motion and realism. Each twist of this highly-detailed poly-resin mangrove root adds visual movement and depth to make it an instant hit. Gnarly artificial ...
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Tree Stump Aquarium Ornaments

As low as $11.99
Realistic resin decor add natural look to aquarium landscape Versatile resin accents great for tree-themed biotope setups Perfect for freshwater or brackish aquariums as well as paludariums Transform the look of your aquarium from mundane to magnificent. O.S.I. Tree Stump Aquarium Ornaments simplify the creation of stunning aquarium landscapes no matter what your preference. Amazing attention ...
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O.S.I. Marine Rock Aquarium Decoration

As low as $12.99
Realistic rock decoration boosts aquarium habitat and aesthetics Aquascape with the natural look of stone but without the weight Highly detailed aquarium ornament can be enjoyed from multiple angles Aquascape smarter with realistic resin replicas. O.S.I. Marine Rock Aquarium Decoration boasts the appearance of weathered stone but is a lightweight and easy to move alternative to real rock. ...
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Ceramic Wood Decor

As low as $32.99
Wood replica aquarium ornaments appear as if reclaimed from nature Realistic decor for natural aquarium ambience without harmful paint Give nocturnal aquarium fish darkened hideaways for daytime refuge Recreate the look of sunken root and branch structures without unwanted effects. Molded ceramic replicas of tree branches and stumps look so real, you'll think they've been reclaimed from a ...
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Hagen Marina Naturals Foreground Decorations

As low as $9.99
Artificial aquarium decorations inspired by nature Add interest and visual depth to aquarium foreground Convenient way to create realistic aquarium landscapes Employ shorter foreground decorations for a stylish and cohesive aquarium design. The secret to a balanced, visually-appealing aquarium landscape is varying decoration height and texture. Low-profile Marina Naturals Foreground ...
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Smooth Bark Tree and Stump Ornaments

As low as $37.99
Create a flooded rainforest biotope with these detailed aquarium replicas. O.S.I. Marine Smooth Bark Tree and Tree Stump Ornaments simplify habitat creation while enhancing aquarium aesthetics. Ridges, knots, and hide-away holes add realism and offer hiding places for shy aquarium fish. Provides great daytime refuge for nocturnal aquarium species such as catfish. Poly-resin decorations will ...
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