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Dog Generic Tablets
4 results

Drontal ® Plus Tablets for Dogs

As low as $5.99
Important: Dose varies based on pet's weight. Please see dosing chart below: Drontal Plus 22.7 mg tablets for Small Dogs Dogs/Puppies:WeightSingle Dosage (3 weeks of age or older)2-4 lbs1/2 tablet 5-7 lbs 1 tablet 8-12 lbs1-1/2 tablets  13-18 lbs 2 tablets 19-25 lbs 2-1/2 tablets Drontal Plus 68 mg tablets for Medium Dogs Dogs/Puppies:WeightSingle Dosage (3 weeks of age or older)26-30 lbs 1 ...
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Diltiazem Tablets (Generic)

As low as $0.16
What is Diltiazem? Diltiazem is a heart and blood pressure medication. It treats high blood pressure and certain heart rhythm abnormalities in dog and cats. Who is it for? Diltiazem is for cats and dogs. What are the benefits? Diltiazem helps the heart beat more efficiently
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Iverhart Plus® Tablets (Generic)

As low as $4.69
What is Iverhart Plus? Iverhart Plus is a generic alternative to the prescription medication Heartgard Plus. It contains ivermectin for heartworm prevention plus pyrantel pamoate for the treatment and control of roundworms and hookworms. Who is it for? Dogs and puppies over 6 weeks of age. Safe for pregnant/breeding females. What are the benefits? Economical alternative to Heartgard Plus
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Sentinel ® Tablets for Dogs (Brand) by Novartis

As low as $7.99
View our How to manage Heartworms video. What is Sentinel? Sentinel Flavor Tabs kill the immature form of the heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis). They also control adult hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum), and remove and control roundworms (ascarids - Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina) and whipworms (Trichuris vulpis). In addition, Sentinel Flavor Tabs break the flea life cycle. Who is it for? ...
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