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Dental Bones
5 results

Nylabone® Romp 'n Chomp Freezer Bones with Treat

As low as $2.99
On a hot day, offer your dog a cool, tasty, long-lasting toy with a twist - an extra-tasty edible treat in the center. Simply fill the four corner compartments with water or broth and freeze. Next, snap in Mini Bone and hand it over! Your dog takes it between his paws and gnaws, finding the surprise treat inside. Bone is ...
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Beefeaters® Natural White Rawhide Bones Value Packs

As low as $11.99
Rawhide scrapes away plaque - improves dog's dental health Natural white rawhide bones - no harmful chemicals Oven-dried for higher protein Top-quality, thick cattle hide, these rawhides are cured in a way that retains a higher protein content. Add interest to your dog's chewing enjoyment with Natural White Rawhide Shapes. Please click on "More Information" for chewtime recommendations.
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Kong Goodie Bones

As low as $7.99
Durable Kong construction in a bone-shaped chew toy Treat-holding ends are ideal for treats, pastes, or peanut butter Tough rubber helps massage your pet's gums while chewing This is no ordinary bone toy. Kong Goodie Bones are made with that famous durable Kong rubber, and they feature treat-holding ends to turn playtime into reward time. Kong Goodie Bones have a ...
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Flossy Chews Rope Dog Bones

As low as $3.99
Floss and clean your pet's teeth every time she plays with this rope toyThick, cotton-blend rope features knots and flossy ends to add chewing varietyUse for tugging matches, too, and enjoy interactive fun with your pet Floss your dog's teeth as he sinks them into the thick strands of this flossy rope toy. These tough, cotton-blend ropes feature solid knots ...
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Busy Buddy Bouncy Dog Bone

As low as $7.99
Conquer boredom and support dental health with these innovative dog toysBone-hard nylon ends, combined with multiple-texture add-ons, give dogs chewing variety Replaceable treats reward dogs for their hard work Challenge your dog to work for the treats on each of these multi-textured dog bones. Refillable nylon bone toys banish doggie boredom and help foster dental health. Bouncy Bone ...
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