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Delicious Dental Treats
6 results

Dental Scrubbies® Treats for Dogs

As low as $19.99
Veterinarian-formulated dental treats support overall good dental health Scrumptious dental treats have a pleasing firm texture and tiny nubs to clean your dog's teeth Dental Scrubbies also massage your dog's gums and help keep breath fresher Choose from 4 sizes, all with a healthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids With our veterinarian-formulated Dental Scrubbies Treats for Dogs, ...
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Feline Harvest Grain-Free Dental Treats for Cats

As low as $6.99
Delicious, protein-rich cat treats contain NO grain or gluten Crunchy cat treats work with cat's chewing action to clean teeth and freshen breath USA-made treats boast delicious flavors and added taurine Feline Harvest Grain-Free Dental Treats offer quality proteins for delicious flavor and provide an easy way to battle kitty breath and plaque buildup. Grain- and gluten-free cat treats ...
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C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews

As low as $12.99
Clean your dog's teeth and freshen his breath - in one easy step! VeggieDent is a delicious, veggie-based chew that helps improve oral hygiene through the irresistible action of chewing. VeggieDent features a unique Z-shape and a tough, chewy texture that, when coupled with your dog's chewing action, help scrape away plaque. VeggieDent Chews can also help scrape bacteria-ridden film ...
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Terrabone Edible Dental Chew Bones for Dogs

As low as $12.69
For pet owners that want the very best for their pets, Terrabone offers a healthier alternative to some of the green dental chews on the market. Terrabone's hard texture cleans teeth and massages gums like the others, but the #1 ingredient in a Terrabone is USDA certified organic brown rice, not animal by-products or wheat. In fact, Terrabones contain NO ...
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Nutri-Vet Dog Dental Health Soft Chews and Breath & Tartar Biscuits

As low as $5.49
Dog soft chews and crunchy biscuits are a boon for your dog's at-home dental care Soft chews contain antioxidants to support healthy teeth and gums Crunchy biscuits scrape teeth clean and support fresh breath with parsley and spearmint Add a boost to your dog's at-home dental care routine - it's as easy as giving a treat when you use these ...
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Greenies® Senior and Greenies® Weight Management Dog Treats

As low as $24.99
4-in-1 Greenies offers proven oral health care and now boasts lower-calorie formulas to address the growing problem of dog obesity. Greenies carry the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of acceptance and offer your pet a 4-in-1 dental solution: reduces plaque buildup, tartar buildup, bad breath, and helps maintain healthy gums for complete oral health care. Safe, easy-to-digest ...
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