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Delicious Dental Treats
7 results

Dental Scrubbies® Treats for Dogs

As low as $19.99
Veterinarian-formulated dental treats support overall good dental health Scrumptious dental treats have a pleasing firm texture and tiny nubs to clean your dog's teeth Dental Scrubbies also massage your dog's gums and help keep breath fresher Choose from 4 sizes, all with a healthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids With our veterinarian-formulated Dental Scrubbies Treats for Dogs, ...
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DeliFloss Natural Dental Treats for Dogs by Frisian

As low as $13.59
Offer your pet a delectable treat that promotes oral hygiene. DeliFloss Treats are made with real chicken and other quality ingredients wrapped around rawhide. As your pet chews, these irresistible treats deliver oral care benefits, too. They clean the teeth and fight plaque buildup with the natural cleaning action of rawhide. They support fresh breath with mint, dill, parsley, fennel ...
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Twistix® Wheat Free Dental Treats for Dogs

As low as $3.99
Wheat-free dental treats for dogs support overall canine dental health Twisted, tough texture helps remove plaque and clean your dog's teeth with every chew Terrific treat flavors satisfy any dog - even dogs with a sensitive digestive system Twistix treats provide a delightful twist on the usual dental chew because they are wheat free! All-natural, low-fat dental treats for dogs ...
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Feline Harvest Grain-Free Dental Treats for Cats

As low as $2.99
Delicious, protein-rich cat treats contain NO grain or gluten Crunchy cat treats work with cat's chewing action to clean teeth and freshen breath USA-made treats boast delicious flavors and added taurine Feline Harvest Grain-Free Dental Treats offer quality proteins for delicious flavor and provide an easy way to battle kitty breath and plaque buildup. Grain- and gluten-free cat treats ...
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Nylabone® Advanced Oral Care Tartar Fighting Treats

As low as $8.99
For dogs that love Nylabone "Souper" bones, this edible mini version offers a satisfying reward that helps keep your dog's teeth clean and breath fresh. Advanced Oral Care Tartar Fighting Treats feature natural curves and ridges, plus the unique ingredient Denta-C, to clean away debris and plaque from the teeth as your pet chews. They also feature chlorophyll and parsley, ...
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C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews

As low as $15.99
Clean your dog's teeth and freshen his breath - in one easy step! VeggieDent is a delicious, veggie-based chew that helps improve oral hygiene through the irresistible action of chewing. VeggieDent features a unique Z-shape and a tough, chewy texture that, when coupled with your dog's chewing action, help scrape away plaque. VeggieDent Chews can also help scrape bacteria-ridden film ...
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Fresh Breath Chews

As low as $12.99
Dental chews boast peppermint and parsley to freshen doggy breath Firm texture helps scrape teeth clean as your pet chews A delicious chew with natural cheese flavor, which dogs love Fresh Breath Chews satisfy the cravings of cheese-loving dogs, but they also include peppermint and parsley to freshen breath between brushing. The firm, irregular texture of these bone-shaped chews provides ...
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