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Delicious Cockatiel Treats

4 results

Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices

As low as $2.99
Delicious sun-ripened orange slice treats for caged birds Bird treat with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Tasty dried orange slices are perfect for kabob bird treat toys! Dried orange slices make smarter snack choices for pet birds. Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices treat your Cockatiel, Lovebird, Conure, Hookbill or Macaw to the delicious citrus zing of natural orange ...
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Kaytee® Fiesta® Tropical Swing-a-Treat for Parrots

As low as $3.49
Hanging seed cake treat offers swinging, snacking fun for birdsSwinging treat movement adds challenge to bird foraging activityFun activity treats your cage bird to unique tropical fruit flavors Captivate clever parrots with a tasty challenge. Kaytee Fiesta Tropical Swing-a-Treat for Parrots increases foraging activity levels with an exciting way to snack. Tantalizing treat wheel is suspended ...
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Lafeber's Sunny Orchard Cockatiel Nutri-Berries

As low as $5.99
Minimum waste - Maximum nutrition - Maximum fun! Formulated by Avian Nutritionists to meet your cockatiel's dietary needs Same quality ingredients as Classic Nutri-Berries with added cranberries, papaya, apricots, and dates rolled into a berry shape your bird can see, taste, and hold Loaded with sweet delicious flavor and nutrition. Lafeber's Nutri-Berries are a blend of safflower, red ...
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Sunseed Fantasy Fruit Mix for Cockatiels & Lovebirds

As low as $4.99
Serve the fruits birds want with the nutrition your bird needs Banana, raisins, peas, cranberry, peanuts, apple, dates & more Fortified with DHA for immune system and brain health Make your bird's fantasies come true with a delicious fortified treat you can mix into daily diets or serve alone. Fantasy Fruit is a cocktail of fruits, vegetables, nuts, puffed grains, ...
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