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Current Lighting Fixtures
6 results

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture

As low as $89.99
Add WOW to freshwater aquariums with never-before-seen LED color blends. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture is the industry's first RGB (Red, Green, Blue) PLUS White LED light fixture optimized for freshwater aquariums with full wireless remote control. In other words, you can instantly switch from brilliant general purpose LED illumination to amazing color lighting or dynamic ...
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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures

As low as $115.99
LED light fixture designed specifically for freshwater aquariums Custom color temperature settings bring vivid aquarium fish to life Wired controller allows dimmable control AND access to dynamic aquarium light effects Showcase gorgeous freshwater fish with brilliant customizable LED lighting. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixture employs popular, energy-efficient LED technology to ...
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Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures

As low as $949.99
Expert series high output LED fixtures designed for reef aquariums High PAR lighting with near UV LEDs supports vigorous coral growth Connect fully programmable fixtures to your computer for custom LED control Next generation fixture with near UV LEDs produce light designed for vigorous coral growth and color. Aquatic Life XS-UV High Output LED Fixtures employ 400nm Violet and 420nm ...
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AquaticLife 3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture

As low as $999.99
Multiple 3W CREE LEDs produce high PAR levels for coral growth even at a depth of 30". Aquatic Life 3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture employs a powerful array of White, Blue, Royal Blue and Red CREE LEDs to provide optimum lighting for marine aquariums. Enjoy brilliant LED illumination and simple remote control with the expert series 3.0W Marine LED Light ...
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Maxspect R420R (Razor) Nano 60W LED Lighting Fixture

As low as $289.99
Space-saving LED fixture boasts unmatched LED performance & versatility for nano reef aquariums and MORE! The extremely popular Maxspect R420R (Razor) LED Lighting System has gone Nano to deliver advanced LED conveniences for reefers, no matter the size of their setup. Employing the latest high performance, high intensity Cree XLamp XT-E and XP-E LED chips (distributed in 2 different ...
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AquaticLife EDGE LED Fixtures

As low as $124.99
EDGE LED Fixtures, ideal for both the novice and expert aquarist, enhance aquatic life while being virtually invisible over any size saltwater or freshwater aquarium 5 colors of 120-degree dispersion, 0.5W LEDs ensure a full spectrum of light needed by all your aquarium inhabitants Features 3-channel timer, sunrise & sunset functions, daytime effects, and moonlight effects Take your aquarium ...
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