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Current Fish Lighting

8 results

Shock Buster GFCI

As low as $16.99
Ground fault circuit interrupter turns regular outlets into safety outletsInstantly shuts off power to protect aquarium equipment from electrical damageEssential electrical safety equipment for aquarium hobbyists Protection against electrical shocks and equipment damage. Five Outlet ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) converts a single outlet into 5 safety outlets. 24" Inline GFCI Perfect ...
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Current USA Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller

As low as $99.99
Full featured dual-channel aquarium LED controller with wireless remote Easily upgrade LED aquarium light fixtures with multiple high-end features Enjoy 24-hour LED aquarium lighting control, Ramp/Dim feature, intensity/color control PLUS dynamic light effects Take your LED light fixture to the next level with multiple high-end functions. Current USA Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller effortlessly ...
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Compact Fluorescent Quad Bulbs

As low as $29.99
Powerful compact fluorescent lamps for brilliant aquarium illumination One lamp does the job of multiple standard fluorescent aquarium lamps Available in different color temperatures to suit freshwater or marine aquariums These energy-efficient lamps produce over three times the brilliance and last twice as long as standard fluorescent aquarium lighting. Square Pin configuration.
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Maxspect Celestial C35 LED Spotlight System

As low as $189.99
Controllable LED spotlight for pico & nano aquariums up to 14" cube Adjust on/off cycle and LED brightness for custom aquarium lighting Choose RGB Full Spectrum, Super Blue Actinic, or Aquatic Algae Growing Compact controllable LED spotlight highlights aquariums with brilliant illumination. Maxspect Celestial C35 LED Spotlight System utilizes the latest LED multi-chip technology with Cree ...
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Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights

As low as $12.99
Linkable LED lunar lights for supplemental aquarium lighting Recreate natural moon light cycles to aid spawning in aquariums Energy-efficient, high power LEDs great for viewing aquariums at night Let energy-efficient LED moonlight cast new light onto your aquarium at night. Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights create realistic moonlight for spectacular nighttime views. Brilliant, ...
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Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight Kits

As low as $239.99
Brilliant LED aquarium striplight with carefully selected accessories Enjoy greater set up ease and energy-efficient aquarium illumination Kit includes aquarium mounts, inline dimmer and transformer for use right out of the box Inclusive kit streamlines product selection for LED aquarium illumination with greater savings. Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight Kits save you time and money ...
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Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips

As low as $37.99
Simple LED Strips upgrade adds dazzling light effects to any aquarium Affix slim LED strips to nano aquariums, canopies or light fixtures Create dynamic aquarium displays filled with textured rippling light Design your aquarium with light using easy-to-install LEDs. Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips offer a simple upgrade solution that delivers amazing light effects without the fuss or ...
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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures

As low as $115.99
LED light fixture designed specifically for freshwater aquariums Custom color temperature settings bring vivid aquarium fish to life Wired controller allows dimmable control AND access to dynamic aquarium light effects Showcase gorgeous freshwater fish with brilliant customizable LED lighting. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixture employs popular, energy-efficient LED technology to ...
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