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Crystal Clear Filters
8 results

Aquascape® UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filters with UV

As low as $295.98
Guaranteed to clear pond water! Give your pond life optimal water conditions and crystal-clear water you can appreciate. UltraKlean Biological Pressure Filter has a unique, sponge-free design that minimizes maintenance. Filter traps dirt and debris to eliminate green water. Filters utilize innovative UltraKlean Bio-Media to provide efficient biological and mechanical filtration. UltraKlean ...
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Marineland Multistage Canister Filters

As low as $8.99
High-performance, no bypass design means superior aquarium canister filtration. Efficient, multistage filters force water through the Stack n' Flo filter media trays to provide exceptional mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The result is crystal clear aquarium water and a healthy aquatic environment. Sleek, contemporary filter boasts convenient maintenance features including ...
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PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter

As low as $231.82
Waterfall filter for improved pond water quality and clarity Provide efficient biological filtration and pond water aeration Dramatic waterfall display supports a healthy pond environment Tackle large do-it-yourself pond waterfall projects with ease. The PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter is priced right so you enjoy professional results without paying too much. Create a soothing ...
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Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter

As low as $405.29
Professional filter for cleaner, healthier koi & goldfish ponds Multistage bio-filtration eliminates ammonia toxic to pond life Modular pond filter comes pre-installed with media for quick setup Modular, multistage mechanical and biological filtration delivers pristine water quality for cleaner, healthier koi ponds. Cobalt Puro Gravity Filter is designed with the water garden and koi pond ...
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As low as $5.99
Hang-on-back aquarium filter with advanced cartridge technology Densely-filled filter cartridges makes aquarium water clean and clear Feature-packed aquarium power filter boasts quiet, leak-free design Advanced cartridge technology boosts aquarium water quality and clarity. API SUPERCLEAN Power Filter is a new feature-packed hang-on-back (HOB) power filter designed to ease aquarium success. ...
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AquaTop AF Series Self-Priming Canister Filter with UV Clarification

As low as $299.99
Extreme user-friendly canister filter boasts simple one-touch operation. AquaTop AF Series Self-Priming Canister Filter with UV Clarification dramatically eases canister filter operation with its unique soft touch controls and automatic priming. Simply touch a button and the unit's built-in vacuum pump expels any trapped air while simultaneously filling the canister filter with aquarium ...
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Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV

As low as $741.76
Italian-made pressurized external pond filter with built-in UV clarifier Keeps pond water clear of debris AND free-floating green water algae Simple 3-step self-cleaning feature eases routine pond filter maintenance A clean filter is an effective filter for maintaining pond water quality. Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV features a patented Easy Cleaning System to ensure optimum ...
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Crystal-Flo Complete Pond Filter System

As low as $149.99
Keep your pond looking its best in just one simple step. Install the Crystal-Flo Complete Pond Filter System and enjoy the benefits of a mechanical and biological pond filter, a UV (ultraviolet) clarifier AND a beautiful water fountain kit. Compact, submersible filter requires no complicated plumbing for dramatically simple filter installation. Built-in UV clarifier enhances pond water ...
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