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Coveside Conservation Bluebird Bird Houses
4 results

Economy Eastern Bluebird Trail Box 6-pack

As low as $89.99
Set of six handcrafted birdhouses for a bluebird trailIncrease nesting success with multiple bluebird housesEstablish a bluebird nesting habitat at a reasonable price Create an extensive bluebird nest box trail for less than $20 a house! The Coveside Economy Eastern Bluebird Trail Box helps establish vital bluebird habitat at an affordable price. These "no frills" bluebird houses are ...
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Observation Bluebird House

As low as $26.99
This house maximizes bluebird comfort and owner access Side panel with latch opening and Plexiglas inner wall lets you peek in on your guests Durable 1" eastern white pine construction helps keep birds warm and dry Expert Tip: If ants invade your nest boxes, grease the mounting pole so they cannot climb up. If this doesn't stop them, take a ...
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Open 2-Sided Eastern Bluebird House

As low as $29.99
Openings on two sides! Sneak an up-close view of nesting bluebirds through the Plexiglas window on one side of this house, and conduct post-season cleanout on the other. This well-constructed bluebird house is made from sustainably-grown Eastern pine. It provides bluebirds exact floor space, ventilation, drainage, and insulation requirements. 1-1/2" opening with predator guard keeps unwanted ...
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Sparrow-Resistant House w/Free Book

As low as $24.99
Free bluebird book with purchase of this bluebird house Unique design welcomes bluebirds, discourages unwanted sparrow guests Eastern White Pine construction optimizes insulation and strength Front panel latch opening enables easy cleaning This Eastern Bluebird House is designed to deter sparrows. Some studies have shown that bluebirds prefer a slot entrance to the standard circular-hole ...
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