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Copper Hanging Bird Feeder
5 results

Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder

As low as $55.99
New, improved design features dual-use ports you can easily adjust for feeding either mixed or thistle seed . Remove perches to allow cling feeders like nuthatches and woodpeckers to feed. Three separate tubes let you target different species with their favorite diet, and 12 perches ensure plenty of room. Combination weather guard/baffle keeps squirrels from getting a grip � they ...
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Squirrel-Be-Gone III Triple Tube Bird Feeder

As low as $49.99
Outer cage and weighted perches stop squirrel damage and theft Bird feeder holds 3 different types of seed - 8 FULL QUARTS! Attractive feeder beautifully adorned with filigreed leaves Serve up dinner for three different species all at one station. Three easy-fill chambers have a total capacity of 8 quarts of mixed seed or sunflower seed. Nine staggered feeding ports, ...
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Good Directions Castella Bird Feeder

As low as $36.99
Easy to clean feeder features covered seed tray and built-in drain holes Durable coated steel finish boasts a coppery sheen for elegant feeding Fill with sunflower or mixed seed to attract a multitude of birds Just as the turret of a castle is used as a lookout, this turret-shaped feeder lets birds survey their domain while enjoying a delicious seed ...
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Decorative Caged Tube Feeder

As low as $21.99
Copper-finish cage protects the inner square tube feeder Easy to clean and fill; holds 1.5 quarts of seed Internal seed diverter ensures every last seed is accessible You'll love the copper-plated artistry of this durable steel feeder. The decorative outer cage protects the square polypropylene seed tube from squirrel damage. The easy, lift-off outer lid makes it easy to fill. ...
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Giant Sunflower Feeder

As low as $32.99
100% recycled steel wild bird sunflower seed feeder is ideal for cling-feeding birds Coppertone finish looks attractive in any backyard Seed tray drain holes help prevent seed spoilage 100% recycled, all-steel constructed, sunflower seed tube feeder offers cling-feeding wild birds easy access to seed. Heavy-duty, all-metal construction with a durable powder coat finish withstands the weather ...
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