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Compact Fluorescent Heat Lighting
6 results

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood

As low as $23.99
Reptile terrarium hood provides your reptile with a reliable heat and light source Use with incandescent heat bulbs, compact fluorescent UVB bulbs, daylight or nightlight bulbs Dual on/off switches allow you to control each bulb independently Multi-function terrarium hood helps increase heat and light penetration in your reptile habitat. This attractive hood's simplistic design compliments ...
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AquaticLife T5 HO and Lunar Light Fixtures

As low as $33.99
T-5 high output system for the hobbyist who wants complete and precise lighting control. Includes special 420/460nm lamps which produce a mix of actinic and blue light to benefit corals and enhance color, 10000 degreeK lamps with high PAR value that help corals to photosynthesize and Purple lamps that beautifully accentuate red pigments in corals. System offers precise independent control ...
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Mini Compact Bulbs

As low as $8.99
Intensify the lighting of your small aquariumShines brighter than incandescent with less wattageFits into standard medium-based lamp sockets Energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs offer more intensity and longer life than incandescent bulbs while saving space and generating less heat. Each 10W compact fluorescent bulb shines as bright as a 50W incandescent for an easy way to upgrade ...
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Hamilton Technologies HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Bulbs

As low as $54.99
Double-ended bulbs for HQI metal halide systemsWide color temperature selection for fresh and saltwater applicationsGenerates less heat than screw-socket metal halide bulbs Handle bulb by socket end only, DO NOT touch bulb. Available in: 150-watt 10000°K 150-watt 14000°K 150-watt 20000°K 250-watt 10000°K 250-watt 14000°K 400-watt 14000°K
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Zoo Med Desert UVB Lighting Combo

As low as $39.99
Kit with Deep Dome Fixture & 26W ReptiSun 10.0 Desert UVB CF Lamp Simplifies desert reptile UVB lighting selection for reptile keepers Emits UVB light vital for preventing metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles-Replacement bulb available Conveniently packaged kit at a great value eases desert reptile lighting selection. Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo includes a Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp ...
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Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Bulbs

As low as $56.99
Double ended bulbs for HQI metal halide systems Wide color temperature selection for fresh and saltwater applications Generates less heat than screw-socket metal halide bulbs Double ended replacement bulbs recommended for use with the Ocean Light HQI Metal Halide Pendant Lights Aqualight Pro HQI/Compact Fluorescent/Lunar Light Fixtures -->, Outer Orbit HQI/Compact Fluorescent/Lunar Fixtures , ...
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