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Colorful Rings Toy

Rainbow Donuts

As low as $4.99
Colorful assorted paper core tubes for homemade bird toys Create toys that engage birds that love to chew and shred Design one-of-a-kind bird toys loaded with paper core rings Satisfy chewing AND shredding behavior when creating new bird toys. Build Your Own Bird Toys Rainbow Donuts Paper Core Tubes add diversity with new textures sure to captivate and entertain your ...
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Scoops Toys Bird Toys

As low as $10.99
"Vanilla" "scoops" have a multitude of colorful toppings Combination destructible and indestructible toy Multiple textures, colors, and sounds Chewing opportunities abound beginning with hollow, perforated plastic balls great for stuffing with berries, nuts, or other small bird treats for foraging! Colorful wooden toys, and plastic rings are strung together with a nickel-plated metal chain. ...
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Fetch It Pets Superstar Bird Toy

As low as $5.99
Let your pet bird shine with engaging activities that stimulate body and mind. Fetch It Pets Superstar Bird Toy is the fun toy that enriches any cage environment with multiple play options. Provides great playtime activities that help curb unwanted behavior due to cage boredom. Great outlet for natural chewing and preening behavior. Fetch It Pets Superstar Bird Toy features ...
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Shreddable Barrel of Fun Bird Toy

As low as $12.99
Keep birds happy with hanging bird toy loaded with toy piecesCardboard barrel conceals varied bird toys to entice chewing funMultiple play options keep birds occupied with physical activity The name says it all when it comes to playtime fun for birds. Super Bird Creations Barrel of Fun Bird Toy is loaded with colorful toy pieces for mentally stimulating AND physically ...
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Flower Hoopla Bird Toy

As low as $9.99
Flower power adds cheer and playtime fun for pet birds. Super Bird Flower Hoopla Hanging Bird Toy keeps birds busy with a chewing challenge of varied textures. A colorful mix of plastic flowers and beads PLUS chewable paper core rings delight chewers with rewarding activity. Inquisitive pet birds with active play preferences stay mentally and physically fit as they climb, ...
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Super Bird Foot Toys

As low as $3.99
Reward your bird at playtime with beak-pleasing foot toys Stimulating toys, ideal chew-and-destroy toy for larger birds Festive bird foot toy with colorful wood, leather strips, and more Tongue Teaser features colorful wood shapes, a knotted leather strip, a pod cup, and a plastic pacifier. Tootsy Roll has paper core tubes, rolled-up corrugated craft paper, wood beads, and leather strips. ...
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Razzle Dazzle Toy Swing

As low as $6.99
Natural bird toy offers a variety of entertaining materials & textures Combination swing & toy hours of boredom-busting fun Provides great exercise for mind, beak, & feet Watch your bird swing, shred, chew and crunch the day away on this Razzle Dazzle bird toy. All-natural woven palm, wicker balls, vine rings, sea grass, and bamboo provide hours of playtime fun. ...
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Wicker Rustler

As low as $11.99
Hanging wicker bird toys made from brightly colored woven woodFun bird toy incorporates wood balls and rings with leather stripBrightly colored to encourage your small or medium bird to play Wicker bird toys let your pet wrestle up some fun in any cage. All-natural wood fibers are woven in fun balls or chain links and combined with leather strip to ...
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