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Cobalt Fish Filter Media
4 results

Cobalt Aquatics Zeolite Filter Media

As low as $7.99
Keep toxic ammonia at bay with high-quality zeolite filter media. Cobalt Zeolite Filter Media is a must-have chemical filter media for freshwater aquariums that commonly experience ammonia spikes. Ammonia buildup due to heavily stocked aquariums, overfeeding or large, messy carnivorous fish can quickly create a harmful aquatic environment. Use Cobalt Zeolite Filter Media to remove ammonia as ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Biological Filter Media

As low as $39.99
Boost biological filtration with your choice of two innovative media options. Cobalt Aquatics Biological Filter Media offer the ideal habitat for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize and thrive. Healthy bacterial populations mean efficient biological filtration that naturally process ammonia and nitrite toxic to aquarium inhabitants. Cobalt Aquatics Ceramic Rings are extremely porous, ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Anti-Nitrate Filter Resin

As low as $16.99
High-capacity nitrate removing media great for all aquariums Rapidly removes nitrate for improved aquarium water quality Pre-bagged resin media allows easy aquarium use and removal Combat stubborn nitrate levels with greater ease. Cobalt Aquatics Anti-Nitrate Filter Resin is a high-capacity nitrate removing resin that comes pre-bagged for ease of use and replacement. Nitrate is rapidly ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon

As low as $8.99
Pre-bagged high quality activated carbon keeps dusty messes to a minimum. Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon makes it easier and cleaner to employ this popular aquarium chemical filter media. You'll be amazed the difference these pre-rinse and pre-bagged activated carbon make on routine aquarium maintenance. Enjoy sparkling aquarium water free of odors, heavy metals and medications. Cobalt ...
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