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Cobalt Energy Efficient Pump

5 results

Cobalt International MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump

As low as $40.94
Versatile multipurpose pump great for aquatic reptile habitats Use in or out of water to drive reptile filters, create waterfalls & more Italian-made to perform reliably even under the harshest conditions - Great for turtle tanks! Create the perfect aquatic reptile habitat with this multitasking pump. Cobalt Aquatics MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump is the ORIGINAL workhorse built to perform ...
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Cobalt Pond Fontana Professional Fountain Pump

As low as $4.79
Eco-friendly fountain pump boasts highly energy-efficient design Drive water fountains, waterfalls and more using less energy Included water fountainheads with diverter allows versatile setup Create your dream water feature for less! The Cobalt Fontana Professional Fountain Pump is the multipurpose Italian-made pump designed for extreme energy-efficient and versatile use. Reliable pump power ...
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Cobalt Aquatics 2600 Nano-Flow Prop Pump

As low as $58.39
Powerful and energy-efficient aquarium water circulation prop pump Delivers a 686 gph maximum flow rate while using just 4W of power Creates large & wide laminar water flow to circulate aquarium water Nano-size high flow-rate prop pump enhances vital water movement with minimal energy consumption. Cobalt Aquatics 2600 Nano-Flow Prop Pump delivers an outstanding 686-gph flow rate using JUST 4W ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Protein Skimmer Pumps

As low as $55.38
Italian-made water pumps with a venturi and matched needle-wheel impeller create beneficial bubbles in your protein skimmer High-quality pumps designed for submersible use in saltwater aquariums Energy-efficient pumps include all accessories for optimal performance Compact, powerful, Italian-made water pumps create huge quantities of beneficial bubbles in your protein skimmer! These high ...
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Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump

As low as $32.97
Versatile 210 gph inline pump perfect for multiple aquarium uses Magnetic drive pump great for supplying water to aquarium devices Compact, energy-efficient aquarium pump uses just 8 watts of power Take on a variety of aquarium tasks with this compact, inline pump. Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump is an energy-efficient choice for transporting water or driving a variety of aquarium ...
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